August 31, 2009

J Crew Catalog

I received this email today about the new on-line J. Crew accessories catalog! Just in time for fall...I really like that necklace... !
And while we are talk about accessories.....these rings are sooooo fabulous....

August 25, 2009

Indian Market Art

Please excuse the hat hair...and I don't know what Edgar is doing to his hair...caught up in the moment I suppose...

They look quite similar, right?!!

Photos of the many art galaries visited in Santa Fe, NM. There was a festive atmostphere, but yet it was easy to get into a great 4-star restarant, with patio dining. Crowds were very well planned for. I would best describe it as an very upscale, high-end festival. I had so wanted to shop (for fall....) but there just was not time and I was only able to puchase one lovely silk red blouse, with a very cool design. Pics on that to follow! Fiance surprised me with pink pearl earrings AND a 4 caret polished turquoise ring (not the traditional Native style of turquoise).

August 21, 2009

Black Nail Polish

I really enjoyed Indian Market, despite the verrrry hot temperatures! On Friday, fiance found a great spa for me to have a mani and pedi which I have been dying to have. I couldn't resist the black polish. Bought some incredible pepermint shea butter salve, which I plan to wear at nightime for my dry hands and feet. It makes them feel like butter. Found a very cute top, which I'll photograph next week and took tons of pictures of artwork. Tomorrow the artists of all types (painting, bronze, jewelrey, clothing, mixed media) will have their exhibits. Tonight we attended about 8 gallery shows (I lost track). Wanted to buy some art, but the prices were starting at about $3,500.

Had to share this picture of the black polish!

The Staircase is very cool. The Gothic Loretto Chapel has a the staircase referred to as miraculous, inexplicable, marvelous and is sometimes called St. Joseph’s Staircase. The stairway confounds architects, engineers and master craftsmen. It makes over two complete 360-degree turns, stands 20’ tall and has no center support. It rests solely on its base and against the choir loft. The risers of the 33 steps are all of the same height. Made of an apparently extinct wood species, it was constructed with only square wooden pegs without glue or nails. There were a few very nice chapels/churches in the town square.

A few pictures of the adventure:

August 20, 2009

To Market, To Market

I'm leaving for a trip to Indian Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico today! According to the website, it is THE most prestigious Market in the World! I went in 2006, and it was definitely both an art lover's and shopper's paradise. Last time we met people from England, Australia, and Belgium, as well as from many people on the east coast and everywhere else in the U.S. On the trip home, the plane was packed with ARTWORK! Much to the dismay of the flight attendants...

Official Poster for the event.
Since my fiance is Navajo, I have received many pieces of traditional jewelery during the course of our relationship. Most of the time I display it in a case, but just for Market, I've pulled a few pieces out to take and wear. In addition to the Market, there are some incredible SPAs in Santa Fe! I'm so looking forward to a mani/pedi/facial. And an Opera on Saturday.

And (I realize that I may be the only one to appreciate this!) but there is also great vegetarian foods in Santa Fe. Food is something I always panic about when I travel: will I be able to find healthy food, organic, fat free??? No problem in Santa Fe! Edgar and Drew, of course, will take advantage of the more traditional Native foods!
A little hard to see all of the detail on the peices, particularly the animals.

August 19, 2009

Operation Elicitation: Christian Louboutin

Elicitation: You Could Be a Target!
Elicitation is defined as the subtle extraction of information during an apparently normal and innocent conversation.

This foreboding message appeared in my company’s morning email today, which for some reason, I find wickedly amusing. Why? Not certain, but it just tickles an evil bone in my body!

Ahem, well, speaking of the office, I’m in process of creating a French theme in my office at ‘the office’ So, while I can’t change the furniture, (and by the way, the phone and printer are really ugly), I’m limited to adding art work, desk décor and limited wall art. I’ve managed to acquire a coat rack, (which I plan to make full use of with all of the enchanting fall coats, wraps, hats, gloves)

In keeping with the warning of the day, I'm trying to elicit (ie: Websters: to draw forth) a pair of these Christian Louboutin shoes. They look like they would be perfect for simple, everyday wear at the office! Look at the information one could obtain from the wearer of such shoes! Style, charisma, taste...sigh...

August 18, 2009

Freezing Offices Makes Easy Transition to Fall Wardrobe

It is so great not having to study at lunch time during this break before grad school. I have time to shop and do all my errands! For today's adventure, I went to Nordstrom and picked up the last of the fall shoes being repaired. Can't wait to start wearing the fall clothes!
Not that I'm trying to rush summer, after all, as a runner, this is my time to take long runs at night time and not freeze to death. I noticed another blogger (FRENCH KISS) is tracking her running miles on her blog, which is so cool. Might try to add that feature to my blog, that and pilates, but I guess that would be in hours (sometimes feels like miles!!).

This is one of those "fall transitional" tops from Forever 21 that I found last week. I think it will look great with layers later on (or even today, as my office is absolutely freezing today...)

August 17, 2009

Mad Men, Women, etc

Banana Republic's Mad Men campaign inspired me to have a 'Mad Men' night. I even bought Edgar's visiting child a suit, real adult dress shoes (size 7, sooo cute!)and a tie for the occasion! The 3 of us (rabbits were hiding and refused to participate) dressed up in our Mad best, Edgar made an Italian dinner (they: linguine,lots of cheese, sauces, etc; I: roasted veggies w/meatless tomato sauce) and watched the season premiere of Mad Men! Actually Edgar and I wore our Mad outfits all day, to church, shopping, lunch, Drew only wore the pants and shoes with a very cool t-shirt, changing into the coat and tie for dinner.

It's the little things...

August 15, 2009

Yawn, its Saturday

Wooley had a vet appointment this morning, but for the rest of day I'm painting and relaxing. I love Connecticutt and was able to spend a few weeks there in 2006. This is still a favorite T. Perfect for relaxing on Saturday...

August 14, 2009

Little Black Boho Dress

As you can see, I'm renovating my blog. So I lost widgets, pictures, ggggrrr.
Might be nice to actually see the dress, right? I actually love photography, but I'm just learning...I guess you have to start somewhere...

I'm in love with this dress found in a little boutique in La Jolla, Ca. It can be worn so many ways, of course I had to wear it to the office, so I added pearls. I just ordered a Tori Spelling necklace which would look great with it too, and then there are the J Crew necklaces... It has embroidery all the way around the dress, which is amazing to me for the cost of the dress. Love the puffy sleeves. I would have worn sky-high heels, but instead wore kitten heal sandals because I've been nursing a severely bruised toe for 3 weeks...(I'm having a real crisis about the heel thing...) The bag is from PARIS! A little shop that made bags next to the hotel that I stayed in...aaaahhhh seems like yesterday....

August 12, 2009

Martha Stewart's Schedule

I have to say, I love Martha Stewart...I think I want to be Martha. It's the whole organization thing that appeals to me. If I could only be that uber-organized and have my home running smoothly the way she does; set an incredible table with all the supplies in perfect condition and on hand; oh! I would be in heaven. A perfectionist by nature, but lacking because life has caused me to be just too busy, I dream of the day I can write a home-keeping, stylistic book wherein my office is in order, my rabbits groomed perfectly (they are angoras, this takes hours) and my closet completely in order (and the pantry alphabetized, etc, etc). I'll just keep working on that. This is Martha’s routine, it intrigues me.

Martha's daily regimen revealed
By Martha Stewart Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Several times a day I'm asked to describe the daily routine that permits me to do all I do -- maintaining a very busy schedule while still feeling good.I have worked out a 10-step program for myself that's very effective in maintaining my status quo of clear skin, clear eyes, a high energy level and illness-free living. I thought I would, once and for all, attempt to write it all down and share it with you here.

1. SKIN CARE: Skin care is vital, and my routine includes a thorough cleansing every morning and night. Toners, enriching day and night creams, and serums -- I love Mario Badescu and Yon-Ka products -- keep my skin elastic and supple and glowing. Sunblocks, balms and skin healers are also necessary as preventive treatments. Ok, I have a ton of skincare, if I would just use it...

2. GYM: My home gym is furnished with aerobic machines, weights and Cybex machines, and has a lovely view of the farm, a television so I can watch the news while running on the treadmill, and yoga equipment. The importance of aerobic exercise cannot be overemphasized. Aerobics keep weight down and stamina up. Well, I set up a home gym, and I have DVDs - pilates, yoga, ballet. Had gym wired for television - just need a damned tv...

3. MORNING JUICE Every morning I drink about 8 ounces of what I call "green juice." I use a juicer to make a blend of spinach, celery, cucumber, carrot and some fruit -- pear, apple, pomegranate, plum, peach, a bit of orange peel and a small piece of ginger. The more of these ingredients that come from my organic garden, the better. I actually feel a jolt of energy when I imbibe these drinks. Ok, I know juice is good for you. I have two juicers; I juice carrots for Wooley, but I would rather eat the fruit and have a lunchtime salad.

4. CALENDAR An organized calendar with every meeting, trip and appointment carefully listed and timed enables me to accomplish a lot each day. I do not have meetings just for the sake of meetings -- there is always a subject to discuss, information to gather and people to meet. Each appointment is listed with phone numbers of all the principals. Addresses include cross streets so no time is wasted in finding a location. I have too many post-its. I hate having a home calendar, an office calendar, a business calendar - I'm thinking about getting a Blackberry, but what will become of the post-its?

5. WALKING My favorite outdoor activity has always been hiking or walking. Good footwear, good socks and a jacket with pockets (for water and a cell phone) are crucial items of clothing. I will try on lots of sneakers before I find a comfortable pair. Walking and running are my passions; however, I only bring water, no cell phone, too much to carry. If anything happens on the trail, well, I better be able to outrun those bobcats that I'm seeing warning signs about...I've just thrown a pair of running shoes in the Goodwill box - putting them to rest after about 14 wonder my knees hurt...Martha would never do that.

6. EXERCISE Weights are all-important for bone health and body toning, and yoga is essential for calming the mind and strengthening the body's core. I love weights for arms and shoulders, and my Pilates ring for strengthening thighs, arms and chest. A yoga block, a ring and a yoga strap come with me wherever I go, so I can at least get a bit of a workout when I'm on the road. Ahem, think I have this one down! I have all sorts of Pilates and yoga equiptment, and great DVDs. YAY!

7. WATER I have three offices in addition to my home office. Alongside every one of my computers I keep a pitcher of mineral water infused with lemon, lime, orange, or cucumber and mint. I find that I drink more if the pitcher is there as a reminder. When I read this I bought a cute pitcher for my office and bring mints from my veggie garden (chocolate mint is my favorite) and other fruits for my Smart Water.

8. HAIR CARE Because I have my hair styled so often, I wash it almost every day. I use a variety of shampoos and conditioners, notably ones by Frederic Fekkai and L'Oreal, to keep my hair from becoming dry or brittle. Sometimes I visit Parvin Klein, my colorist at the John Barrett Salon, for a glossing, which seems to infuse my hair with a new vitality. Hair...I working on that one. I like the Kerastase Products. And I want to try Shu Urmura.

9. DAILY MAINTENANCE Skin care is not the only daily routine one must adhere to. An electric toothbrush is essential for gum care and shiny white teeth, along with a good dental-care program (twice a year cleanings and checkups). Mouthwash and salt-water gargles are also helpful in keeping colds and sore throats from developing. Feet, hands, arms and legs should also be cared for. I love the Susan Ciminelli Marine Lotion for my body and several Dr. Hauschka tonics for my face, neck and chest. Do the check ups; my feet are abused, as are the hamstrings....

10. RELAXATION I do try to find some time, perhaps not every day but as often as possible, to curl up with a new book -- often downloaded onto my Kindle -- or to watch a movie from Netflix. A great cup of tea or even a homemade cappuccino (one shot of espresso only) is an added perk and pleasure. I'm not sure I understand what she is trying to say here....I aspire to this.

Last but not least, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of children, spouses, significant others and pets in our daily lives. They are the real reason we do what we do outside the home, in our work and in our play. I try to speak with my daughter, Alexis, every day. My dogs and cats and horses and other animals are a constant source of joy and pleasure. And a few minutes of every day are spent on the phone catching up with close friends.


Questions should be addressed to Ask Martha, care of Letters Department, Martha Stewart Living, 11 W. 42nd St., New York, NY 10036. E-mail to© 2009 Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc.

Ashley Olsen

I was excited to come home to the fall issue of Marie Claire last night! I had seen that other bloggers received their issue, and was wondering if mine would be delivered at all with the budget crisis and all; but there it was with Ashley on the cover...

She has cut her gorgeous hair, which actually made me kind of jubilant because 2 months ago I did the same thing! Her new cut looks great, and now I'm feeling a little better about mine. Now if I could just style mine to make it look like that...of course I now have a picture on my "inspiration dressing table wall".

She's Adorable

August 11, 2009

Fall Cuffs and Red Hair

Loving this hair and make up. Oh I wish, I wish, I wish that I had skin like this - no sun damage, no spots, just perfection!

Searching for cuffs for Fall right now....something that won't rival the mortgage...why can't banks understand we need a break on the payments during fall shopping??

t h e (c h l o e) c o n s p i r a c y: Outfit Of The Day (& A Give A Way)

t h e (c h l o e) c o n s p i r a c y: Outfit Of The Day (& A Give A Way)

Chloe's Conspiracy!

Chloe is having a give away! The (Chloe) Conspiracy is one of my favorite blogs, and she's having a great giveaway today. An adorable bracelet from Kolls. I raced out of the house this morning without jewelrey other than my (very) conservative earrings, diamonds yes, but they need a necklace; engagement ring, and watch. I know where I am going for lunch now!

By the way, Chloe, maybe Petunia will shape up after spending sometime with 3 angora bunnies!

August 10, 2009

French Press

I love coffee or Café, as I enthusiastically refer to it! Starbucks and Peets are my favorites. I buy about 2 pounds a week, and blend regular and decaf together cuz I'm not so much about the caffiene (except in the morning). The bolder the blend the tastier it is. yum!

While in Paris, I bought a silver Bodum French press (yes, I know that these are sold in the US!! I see them in Starbucks everyday! However, it just seemed like I should buy one in PARIS!!). I broke the glass beaker and have been very sad. I saw this red one and thought it was adorable. The best part is that the beaker is interchangeable. Now I can have my French pressed café again!

It was delicious!

Music in the Park

My fiance, his visiting child from NYC, my 3 angora bunnies, and I spent Sunday evening listening to classical music in the park behind the performing arts center last night. This was the bunnies first performance, and except for maybe little blind Wooley who wasn't feeling too well, both Madelaine and Lyonn enjoyed it. I held Wooley while he napped in a warm blanket through most of it. Nice ending to a weekend. What evening in the park would even be right without Audrey Hepburn and ballet flats?

August 06, 2009

J Crew for Lunch

Wondering what do for lunch today and decided to go to J Crew to see their new fall delicacies in person...I'm going to purchase the skinny tortoise patent leather belt. I had planned to buy it last year, but never did, so today is the day. In part to celebrate the great deal my fiance got on my Lexus repair!

August 03, 2009

Fall Shopping

It all started with the Nordstrom sale. Now the JCrew catalogs, Bluefly's emails....I've started the process that is FALL SHOPPING! Even the little boutiques around San Diego and Orange County, CA have cute fall clothes. I've already bought too much, now its time to organize and determine what I really 'need' to make my wardrobe complete.

Last week I had all my boots re-heeled and pumps shined and re-heeled at the fabulous Nordstrom shoe repair. I've been going there for years and they have always done a great job. So this week my job is to start pulling pieces I already own out of the closet for alterations. You know - the great jacket with the too-long arms or the pants that are just too big in odd places. I have an incredible tailor in Los Angeles, who is very reasonable. Over the course of the next couple of weeks I'll get a pile together, including the things I just bought and plan a day trip to see the tailor (and of course visit BLISS Spa!). Pictures to follow!

Julie and Julia

I am so excited about the new movie opening in theaters this Friday, Julie and Julia. Last Thursday evening I bought the book so I could get into the characters and just get overall into the event. As a semi-vegetarian, and anti-butter or fat of any kind person, some of the recipes were very 'hard to digest' but my brain started thinking of ways to make them really healthy and fat-free! I'm still excited about the movie and have prepared myself for the enormous amount of butter that I'm about to see! Amy Adams and Meryl Streep (saw them together in Doubt) will be a great team.

And I'm planning to wear pearls to the movie, just as the characters wear! Can't wait!