August 19, 2009

Operation Elicitation: Christian Louboutin

Elicitation: You Could Be a Target!
Elicitation is defined as the subtle extraction of information during an apparently normal and innocent conversation.

This foreboding message appeared in my company’s morning email today, which for some reason, I find wickedly amusing. Why? Not certain, but it just tickles an evil bone in my body!

Ahem, well, speaking of the office, I’m in process of creating a French theme in my office at ‘the office’ So, while I can’t change the furniture, (and by the way, the phone and printer are really ugly), I’m limited to adding art work, desk d├ęcor and limited wall art. I’ve managed to acquire a coat rack, (which I plan to make full use of with all of the enchanting fall coats, wraps, hats, gloves)

In keeping with the warning of the day, I'm trying to elicit (ie: Websters: to draw forth) a pair of these Christian Louboutin shoes. They look like they would be perfect for simple, everyday wear at the office! Look at the information one could obtain from the wearer of such shoes! Style, charisma, taste...sigh...


Delectable Swank said...

I very much agree, those shoes are fabulous and would be perfect for the office!

Jesse said...

These are so sexy and so classy, they'd be perfect for the office, I wish I worked somewhere I could dress up a little, hehe :) x