August 18, 2009

Freezing Offices Makes Easy Transition to Fall Wardrobe

It is so great not having to study at lunch time during this break before grad school. I have time to shop and do all my errands! For today's adventure, I went to Nordstrom and picked up the last of the fall shoes being repaired. Can't wait to start wearing the fall clothes!
Not that I'm trying to rush summer, after all, as a runner, this is my time to take long runs at night time and not freeze to death. I noticed another blogger (FRENCH KISS) is tracking her running miles on her blog, which is so cool. Might try to add that feature to my blog, that and pilates, but I guess that would be in hours (sometimes feels like miles!!).

This is one of those "fall transitional" tops from Forever 21 that I found last week. I think it will look great with layers later on (or even today, as my office is absolutely freezing today...)

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Anonymous said...

Funny! our offices are always freezing - they are keeping us awake - J