May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

gggrr! I wrote one of those 'blogs in advance' to have it post bright and early yesterday morning, but obviously something went terribly wrong! No posting and no honoring of our veterans and those in the armed forces today. Well, it is never too late to honor them and express a huge 'thank you' for our freedom.

May 23, 2009

Celebrity Website

I have to admit that I enjoy learning about how certain celebrities get that certain style and always seem to be so organized and put together. As a consummate organizer and style aficionada, I found a website by Gweneth Paltrow and signed up for its weekly newsletter. Actually after I had my hair cut on Wednesday a co-worker mentioned to me that I should look at it if I liked Gweneth. I do, so I did! What is interesting to me is that she does amazing things, travels to one of my favorite places, Paris, and also completely enjoys being a mom to her children. Allot like us (well, my children have wool, but don't mention that to them; sorry Tealle!)

view her website for an enjoyable read!

May 22, 2009

Great New Website

I just joined a great new website that one of my connection on Linked In has started. It is a really fun place to go with some incredible women doing amazing things. You can even have your own blog on it! Its called A place for professional, interesting women to connect and discuss ideas and business. I've added a link to my blog so that everyone can visit the site.

One is example of an great undertaking is a book that one of the women is writing AND the number of words she is writing per week. I've always fancied the whole concept of writing so I'm certainly going to learn a few tips from her! I could live in Europe and write when I retire! Or keep working and live in Europe and write! (there's a pattern here!)


Master Bathroom

I'm working on redesiging my master bathroom and today I saw this picture of a beautiful bathroom in an HGTV email that I received! It is so spa-like! I'm still looking for wall colors, a perfect red, but I LOVE this beautiful aqua!! Maybe I should rethink my plan!

May 08, 2009

Domino Magazine - Found

So many of us are very saddened at the closure of the home style and design magazine, Domino. It's last issue was in March 2009. Well, I thought I had missed out on the issue. Today at lunch I walked across the street to Home Depot to purchase Polyurethane for my final step to to the beautiful chocolate color bathroom cabinets I have painted. Just by chance I looked at the magazine, and there it was DOMINO! There were about 4 copies left, so maybe Home Depot has extra copies!

Lumigan - Eyelash Growth

Its been about 7 months now that I have been using Lumigan, for eyelash growth. Well, not exactly intended for this purpose, buy my dermy had to actually cut her eyelashes because they grew so long! In my case, I purchased it to try to restore very overplucked eyebrows....(enough said!) but I am enjoying the benefits of the long eyelashes!

Since I've been using all the products from Rodan+Fields, I've been really giving my skin a critique to determine that they are in fact working on my skin (I've never had such hydrated skin, and I'm known for buying some very pricey high-end products. I always say that I could have 2 or 3 rentals with all my product money over the years!), I'm really frustrated that my eyebrows are taking their time to grow. GRRRRRR! I'm going to have them shaped next weekend; at least they no longer resemble "commas".

May 06, 2009


The Lotte Berk Method. I love the combination yoga/pilates/ballet this workout offers. is selling the DVDs. I first heard about this workout discussed by by Kelly Ripa of Live! Regis and Kelly, and in Fitness, Shape and several other magazines. About 1 1/2 years ago I purchase the DVDs for my collection at home. And it is part of the workout plan offered by NYC's Physique 57 (a great gym I receive email about new events from. I was able to visit their facility on my trip to NYC last May. I've noticed this style popping up in other areas of the country as well.

I've decided to try to train my body to 'crave' these workouts in the morning. I have set my alarm for 4:50am and the plan is to have a 1/2 workout to one of the 4 DVDs each morning (they are 1/2 hour each). When I really need to stretch I use a 10 -minute Pilates-only DVD and cut the time a bit short on the Lotte Burk. It's Wednesday, but so far so good! I hope I can stick to this crazy plan! I feel streched all day! And that's great with the long commute. Of course, this now leaves evenings open for running....

May 05, 2009

Blog Title

My Tealle Madelaine Style Blog was created as a dedication to my two angora bunnies, who just happen to love all things stylish. I haven't yet introduced them, so I'll use this post to introduce them. Meet Tealle Wooley and Madelaine. (The 6 month old Lionhead, Lyonn, wasn't included in the title, but being quite young, he finds it more amusing to 'renovate' than to actually appreciate style just yet.) Pictures of my nearly completed office, with his special touches, will be posted soon.

Tealle is 11 1/2 years old, now blind, and throughout his life as endeared everyone he has met to him. One word that describes him is Regal. He carries himself with elegance, actually prances rather than hopping. Madelaine is a 5-7 year old rescue, with whom Tealle fell in love with immediately. They are best friends (and both fixed by the way). I rescued her so that Tealle would have a companion be cause of my many hours spent each day at the office.

I've been thinking that I should change the name however, so that it might relate more to my business which is skin care, and future business, which will be something in design. Red Lipstick Style just sounds posh, I think and may bring more readers to the blog. In the next few weeks, I hope to give it a new direction, with more of a theme, to include, Skintini, home design, and all things stylish, all with an analytical perspective!

I hope to provide some level of enjoyable reading as I introduce the products of Dr. Rodan and Fields through Skintini, pursue my Professional Analyst Certification, enter my MBA program, all while looking to create style in every aspect. Your helpful comments are always appreciated. Let me know what you think about the blog name!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Happy Cinco De Mayo to everyone!

May 04, 2009

Audrey Hepburn

Join me as I pay tribute to style icon and humanitarian, Audrey Hepburn. She would have been 80-years old today. Timeless is a word to describe her, as new generations still look to her for her exceptional style and grace. Enjoy her day by clicking on the links below. (click on the Charmed by Audrey icon)