May 22, 2010

Cute Bunny Giveaway!

Visit Jenny's blog Wonders of Whimsy and check out her cute bunny giveaway!  How adorable!  Jenny's blog is so cute, so be sure to visit and enter her contest!

I recently adopted another bunny, Arielle, a French Angora.  I promise to post pictures, and catch up with my blog!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

May 01, 2010

My Art Class!

Happy May 1st!  I hope you are celebrating by doing wonderful things for yourself and embracing spring, regardless of the weather.  Spring, like fall, is a time of renewing your state of mind.  I went for a long run this morning.  And I signed up for an online Art Class!  at Les Petite Academy.  This will be the first Art course I have taken in over 20 years!  (I think my last one was in middle school).  I'm very excited.

Maybe I can draw some of these?