October 29, 2008

Lavendar Cupcake Home

Visit my home design blog, Lavendar Cupcake Home. Its a blog dedicated to my home projects.


Ahem, some brief introductions of my Family!

Edgar - my fiancĂ©. He’s Navajo, MPH from Berkeley. 10-years my senior and that may be why he's willing to caters to my many whims. Is going to convert one of the bedrooms to my closet/shoe display room...yay.

Rabbits - unusual pets, yes, but they are just very quiet little dogs.  I take them out on weekends in their little Sherpa carrier; they even have leashes and harnesses, mainly for their protection, I can't actually 'walk' them.  They have their own room which I've recently redecorated for them, and the generous bunnies that they are, they allow me to share my office space with them.

Meet Madelaine - rescued in January 2006, she’s a Jersey Wooley/Hotot mix. About 6-years old. I was looking for a sister for my 12-year old bunny, who recently went to heaven in October 2009, Tealle Wooley, and it was love at first sight for them. She is a carb-a-holic!

Madelaine, and that would be Wooley behind her, taken Spring 2009.  Enjoying a rare moment in the yard, under close supervision.

Lyonn - Adopted on January 2, from Beverly Hills (I know; he has that whole diva attitude, very delicate and shy. And I believe he is anorexic because he doesn't like anything.)  He’s a Lion Head (with soft angora wool). Likes to shake his mane at me and run up to the stair landing and thump, just to let me know there may be some danger lurking about.

Such pretty blue-grey eyes


I love fashion, home design, manners, writing, photography, running and continually learning about new, exciting things. This little blog is a way that I can share and express my enjoyment of shopping and decorating therapy! I've applied to grad school, was accepted and my company recinded its educational program.  So I'm looking at all MBA offered to find the right one for me.  The plan is to begin in my MBA program in 2010.

The styles of Audrey Hepburn, Jackie, Grace Kelly, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Lilly, Victoria Beckham, Kelly Ripa, Gemma Ward are just a few of my style inspirations. I'm a bit of a dichotomy with my style: an aficionada of both preppy and couture, so I've found ways to intertwine them. I "plan" to study fashion/design after completing my MBA; which means I'll just be a perpetual student for the rest of my life!


October 18, 2008

I'm Honored To Accept These Awards!

February 18, 2010
The Sunshine Award
From Leslie at Pretty Random Thoughts

September 2009
The Kreativ Blogger Award