March 31, 2010


What do you think of when you hear the name Grace Kelly?  Style.  Elegance.  Timeless.  A true Lady.  I want to be Grace Kelly when I grow up.

May 2010 Vanity Fair...I can't wait for it to arrive.

The cover of the Victoria & Albert exhibition’s catalogue features Kelly in an Oleg Cassini dress that she wore at a shoot for Cosmopolitan. Before she met Prince Rainier, Kelly was briefly engaged to Cassini, who helped develop the flattering cuts and styles that would come to be known as her style.

She is positively regal. 

Rear Window is my favorite Grace Kelly movie.  I have been enthralled with that little suitcase, and all of the things that she pulled out of it, since I was a young child.  Le sigh, an uber-stylish New York magazine editor.  Before becoming a Real! princess, she had only made 11 movies! Now, in 2010, she is a cover girl once again.

The Country-Club Girl

When Kelly and Monaco’s Prince Rainier III announced their engagement at the Philadelphia Country Club, in January 1956, many of Kelly’s friends were surprised: the two had only known each other for a few months. From Snap/Rex Features/courtesy of the Victoria & Albert Museum

Kelly stunned once again in classic lace, this time at the celebration of her civil marriage to Rainier. The main ceremony, the next day, would feature Kelly in a truly incredible full wedding gown of lace and silk faille. Her entire trousseau was designed and sewn by the costume masters at MGM.

Pomp & Polish

One icon begets another: Kelly’s frequent use of Hermès’s haut à courroies bag—most notably to shield her first pregnancy from the paparazzi—led the leather purse to be dubbed the “Kelly” bag, a tag that remains today. And her sunglasses are still en vogue; in the summertime, downtown Manhattan is brimming with those frames.  Look at the details on her dress!  Exquisite!

Presidential Company

What a meeting of style and substance! The Prince and Princess took a little lunch at the White House in 1961, the same year Kelly was inducted into the International Best-Dressed Hall of Fame and Jacqueline Kennedy debuted on the annual list.

Amazing Grace

Grace Kelly holding her Oscar the night she won best actress for The Country Girl at the 27th Annual Academy Awards, in 1955. Kelly’s performance as the long-suffering wife of an alcoholic (Bing Crosby) beat out the category’s front-runner, Judy Garland, for A Star Is Born.

How Special is a Mother

Dear Donna, at Funky Junk Interiors blog, wrote the most elegant, classy post dedicated to her mom, whom she just lost on Tuesday.  I was so shocked to read it that, I had to read the first paragraph twice before comprehending what she was saying.  What a lovely, classy lady, I don't know if I would be able to post so soon. I really admire her for her strength.

Her words made me cry.  Because I know that my own frail, weak mom is getting worse. And she won't let me help her.  I know that very soon I am going to have to step in, and by force and tears, get some information from her physicians that I need to know.  She wants to keep her life private and will simply hang up on me if she doesn't like the conversation. 

Please don't misunderstand, she's a little doll, she's just so private.  She watched me fight for my father before he died, for the 5-years he was hospitalized, after a stroke which left him paralyzed (the man he was at the end was not the man he was; so I was compelled to assist in his care, as was she).  She didn't always like the way I went about it.  She wants people to like her and be her friend.  My interactions with that awful staff were not friendly.  It took a meeting with the top administrator, along with Edgar who has an MPH (Masters, Public Health), to have a nurse removed from "caring" for him. 

I think what is truly saddening for me is that there are so many unresolved issues of things that happened long ago, which haunt me daily.  I've read something that I am trying to focus on during this time:  "Eventually you have to decide which memories to keep...and which to let go".  I can't recall the author, but I know it is really been a blessing to me.  I've hinted, perhaps, at a very turbulent childhood; there was much toxicity at my house.  This, of course, is what I must make peace with.  It was my mother who was abused, and that is the cause of many of her physical issues today.  She has forgiven; and while I like to believe that I have, the memories are raw to me and I have anger cursing through my veins.  I have read that one goes one of two ways: they become complacent and possibly abused themselves, or extremely angry. 

Donna's storey made me sad because I know the time is coming.  How I have wished to give my mom something to make up for her horrible life.  Sadly, it is been pointed out to me that she must see my father in me, although I fight for her.  I thank God this Easter that I have some time with her.  Edgar, his daughter Julia, who arrives at 1:00am Friday morning from NYC, and I will spend Easter with her.  My mom adores Julia (who just turned 18-years-old in February! Before I age myself, I must add that Edgar is 10-years my senior!).  I'm hoping that with all of us there, she will feel safe enough to allow me to begin helping her with her life.

If your dear mother is still with you, give her a big hug this Easter! ;)

Days Off!

"happy Easter my dears"

I am so looking forward to having a few days off from work!  I'm bouncing around like a little child in anticipation!  There are so many things to do at home, projects just sitting around, spring cleaning, and of course the necessary: taxes, home paperwork.  But I'm looking forward to some relaxation and fun as well: reading, blogging, lots of workouts and RUNNING (yay!) each day, which I look forward to daily, but usually plod along in the evenings because I am so tired.

I see that spell check is back on Blogger...what a spectacular Easter gift!!!

And of course Good Friday and Easter services, a visit with my mom. And maybe, just maybe, making peace with my camera and taking pictures again.  All of these cute outfits, and no pictures to show for it!  AND, the weather is going to be rainy, which is my favorite weather. Oh how I wish I could live where there is rainfall everyday!

Happy Easter week my dears! 

Are these the cutest bunny cupcakes ever?!

March 30, 2010

Lunch with Audrey Hepburn

In spirit anyway!  There is a tiny cafe that serves soup, sandwiches, and baked goods on Hollywood Boulevard called Cafe Audrey.  Basically it is a tribute to Audrey Hepburn, very sweet, with all sorts of pictures and memorabilia.   I had heard about it and had to visit, so we went there for lunch a couple of weeks ago when we were in the area.  We just missed the Christmas decorations, which would have been lovely!
I had to purchase a cute little t-shirt just because it says Cafe Audrey. How touristy are we, out there taking pictures!  People gave us the sweetest smiles during our little photo shoot! 
Did they think we were crazy?  All the more fun :)...

Doesn't she just say "springtime" to you?

March 27, 2010

Welcome Spring Giveaway Preparations!

Hello dear friends.  I'm going to have a Spring Giveaway and am in process of setting it up.  It's a two fold process, because to qualify, I want you to join my CAUSE, however the only way to join seems to be via Facebook.  My cause is to make Animal Abuse a Felony.  I've found that bloggers have some of the biggest hearts in the Universe; the giving of support and well-wishing is just Phenomenal.  So, I'm trying to find a way to make this really easy.

As educated, cultured woman, it is our obligation to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Lets give the judges and the court system the ability to hand down felony sentences to include the death penalty.  Remember, the next victim the abuser may have could be a child or a crime against a woman.

I'm wondering, do most of you have facebook accounts already?  Or would this be a lot of work for everyone?

March 20, 2010


Happy Spring to all of my lovely blog friends! 

March 18, 2010

Random Parisian Thoughts

My sweet friend Susu at Susu Paris Chic blog always inspires me to want to write long comments to her incredibly lovely posts.  This stylish lady has so much fun with fashion. **sigh** I need to learn how to operate my camera.  Maybe her inspiration is so keen because she is in Paris?!

Notre dame

Quite often I am so entrenched in the corporate world of reports and numbers, my creative side absolutely shuts down. Ever have that problem?   I've been thinking about why I started a blog in the first place, and that was to explore my interest in fashion, decorating, writing, photography, all of which is completely outside of what I do everyday.  As I prepare to begin 2-years of an MBA program, I know that I want to focus on business in these areas as well as my current occupation.  Of course I will always love analysis, but fashion, trend, design analysis would be a fun and profitable 2nd career. 

Sacre Coeur

Reading Susu's Paris fashion post, made me think of my own trip to Paris with such fond remembrance as though it were yesterday.  Paris is the only place where I have ever felt alive in everything I did, which is likley why I remember the trip with such clarity.  The energy was just unlike anywhere else.  New York has incredible energy, but different from France, or should I say Paris. I actualy WANTED to fit in, to be a part of the city and community.  That is not common for me, I tend to be as disengaged as possible for reasons unknown to me.  I remember my trip as if it were yesterday, the feelings it produced, of happiness and just of being. Just last night I realized that it has been 5-years! Time to plan a trip...Other than your home, do you have a place in the world that you love?


March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

Happy Saint Patricks Day!  What better way to celebrate than with Alice musings...

I wondered across this Vogue photo spread from the December 2003 issue!  Absolutely timeless.

Remember those gloves Alice wore?  Miss Margaret at the French Bear knits little wristlets for her daughter.  She is going to knit a pair for me!  (her cost is about $25 if you are intersted).  I hope she doesn't mind that I'm advertising her services, poor thing!  She could end up knitting for weeks!  I'm so excited and I'll share pictures once I have them.

Yes, this is the correct way to hold a bunny...I'm impressed! 

Lyonn is entralled with these rabbits.

March 10, 2010

Words to Live by...

Visit this adorable boutique for your Easter Shopping needs!  this print is a Notebook cover.  Can you imagine? for writing, dreaming inspiration...Dream Big dear friends!

My Chanel Dream

I do believe I have found my Dream Shoes....
I saw Jane, from Sea of Shoes, wearing these incredible beauties and almost fell out of my chair...
Yes, please!

March 09, 2010

I Long to be Alice in Wonderland

I'm a little obsessed with Alice as of late.  The movie was wonderful, and I saw it in 3D, which I think was really necessary, at least once (my first 3D movie ever...I know!) 
 I wanted to reach out and touch all the little, adorable animated flowers and animals, but the theater was quite full, so I managed some self-control **le sigh**.

Karla at Karla's Cottage has the cutest Alice Tag contest/event. 
 Look at the tags, how adorable they are!
Songbird is hard at work making tags as well...oh to be so creative!

Isn't Mia Wasikowska, from Austrialia, adorable?

Pictures are all from the New York Times online:

The characters are enchanting! Anne Hatheway was gorgeous...

I would love this dress.  Actually, I loved all of the dresses, sigh, what do you think?  Would you wear them?  Oh, those little, delicate blue gloves.  I'm going on a quest for them.  I adore them.

They are so delicate, I adore gloves (and it doesn't hurt that they do warm perpetually cold hands...)

A Craft Attic of One's Own

How I long to have one....Hello, I've been hanging out on Facebook as of late and discovered Songbird, a wonderful new friend a couple of days ago.
Her creative blog is incredible! She has a craft attic; it just sounds delightful. I'm 1/4 dutch, and I think it is wonderful that she writes both in English and Dutch. I really know nothing of my culture, to my detriment, but I intend to learn. I often mention that I deeply aspire to live in Europe once I retire (I'll retire relatively early) and then start a new career of sort, hopefully in academia as I am an avid reader,writer, thinker and pontificater! Ok, I do like numbers, I'm a bit of a nerd, albeit a fashion afficianda!

Oh, the Netherlands just evokes such a warm, wonderful, whimsical place in my mind. I would love to travel there. I look forward to learning about culture and all about her crafting ideas. I'm trying to get back into crafting, it is a wonderful outlet after working with numbers all day and studying (MBA). I'm torturing my home at the moment and a few scrapbooks.

After meeting Songbird, I had to read a bit about the 12th annual Amerstdam Fashion Week

Isn't Mirte Maas lovely?  Those eyes.  She's a new favorite of mine!
She is so tiny and cute!

Jimmy Choos!  They feel like slippers!  Oh how I long for my poor sprained foot(yes, STILL, I know....) to be healed for these... favorite look

Happy Tuesday dear friends!