December 22, 2009

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Seriously!  What fun! A miniature version; he could play in my little waterfall.  I smile (and sometimes laugh) everytime I hear that song on the radio!  AND that was the first Christmas song I heard on the radio this year. 

Well, if I'm to have one, I'll have to buy it for myself; Edgar is not going to cooporate, infact I got a lecture on the damage a full-grown hippo could cause and the liabilities (yes,he actually said 'liabilities'!!!)  I really think that he thought I was serious...must be because I want to bring home every injured bunny that I read about, the the Great Dane that was abused and weighed only 57 pounds (he's found a home, however). 

I just wanted the little guy to go running with me and protect me from coyotes....

Pictures from Genius

December 21, 2009

My Blog was Featured!

I'm so honored, particularly since my posts this month have been sporadic at best.  I received the sweetest email from Shiela at Making Jewerey informing me that I was featured on her blog awards page. 

Thank you Shiela!

Be sure to visit Shiela's blog as well!  I have a co-worker who makes jewelrey and its become her 2nd business! 

What do you think of Test Tubes?

I enjoy them, at least the kinds filled with make up and skincare!  This program is so much fun, and now its even less expensive! Have you ever tried Test Tubes?  New Beauty magazine sponsors this product.  I've been 'subscribing' to Test Tubes on and off for the past 3 years or so.  It gives you the opportunity to try products that you may otherwise be unfamiliar with, but you may find that you love.  Some of the products are close to full size and last a couple of weeks. 

I couldn't find on the site if the program is shipped outside of the US (sorry).

Rest In Peace Dear Brittney

A little tribute to beautiful, sweet Brittney Murphy.  I thought she was adorable in Clueless, Little Black Book, Just Married and Uptown Girls.  She was the voice of a little penquin in Happy Feet, and in several other movies. I own the DVD for Uptown Girls and enjoy watching it from time to time when I just want to relax and laugh.  I was so sad to hear that she died on Sunday and hope she is now at peace.  Blessings to her husband and mom.  It's sad that people want to believe the worst about someone; but for the grace of God...

December 17, 2009

Free E-Craft Books!

I found this very cool site today, anything free, right?!  Free ECraft books!  You can also sign up for emails. 

I've just finished my bookcase, 4-months of work, a little a time!  I'll post pictures this weekend! 

Help Fight Taxes on Cosmetic Treatments!!

I re-read my post, and just as I was afraid of, I just don't like the way it sounds- rather snotty, and that is not what I was trying to convey.  I'm all about philanthropy, tithing, and charities, but I strongly believe in personal responsibility as well.  It is the lack personal responsibility in the world today, and the seemingly processes being put into place which reward it, that I am quite disturbed about.  And also that I'm seeing things I've worked so hard for being systematically taken away, or may just never come to fruition (ie: retirement!) [haha].  Taxes on cosmetic procedures is just one more blow that I take personally because I expect to need them and I am not wealthy to say the least.  This is just not fair to women.

Happy holidays to everyone!

This is not a very Christmas-y post, but possibly others may feel exactly the way that I do, particularly since tax season is quickly coming upon us.  At least our ability to take due care to protect our assets has  not been completely taken away this year...yet.

I received this email today and had to share.

I've been reading about this bill and it is just one more of the attacks on those of us who are successful and socially responsible. 

Welfare from the top down, oh, but I digress. 

Please consider writing to your senator.  Whether or not you want Botox is not the point.  The point is that people who may decide to use this type of  item are being attacked in every arena.  A few personal examples: My health insurance is going to be taxed because it is considered to be 'high-end' (I do not even have the option to purchase the 'high' option, so I cannot figure this one out).  AND my educational benefits through my company have been cut entirely. [God forbid that a professional woman wants to continue her education.]  However, I am expected to pay, via taxes, for programs for people who are abusing our country and its legal system.

God help us survive the next 3 years.  

"With Senate leaders pushing for a vote on the health reform bill before Christmas—in just 12 working days—it is critical that you write your Senators and sign the petition today opposing the tax at

You will find important new information on the site regarding the results of a national survey conducted by Opinion Research Corp1, that found:

A majority of Americans—52%—oppose using the cosmetic medical tax to help finance health care reform. Only 43% favor the tax.

When informed that the proposed tax on cosmetic medical procedures imposes a new tax-burden on the American middle class, 49% of respondents are more likely to oppose the cosmetic medical tax. Only 30% would be more likely to support such a tax.

Sixty-four percent of respondents agree—and 37% strongly agree—that the cosmetic tax has no place in health care reform.

This information is critical to convey to your Senators as it demonstrates the widespread disapproval of this tax. If you have already sent a letter to your Senator and signed the petition at, please forward to your friends and family and ask them to join the movement opposing the cosmetic tax. YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED TO REMOVE THE COSMETIC MEDICAL PROCEDURES TAX FROM HEALTH CARE REFORM.

Please act now.

Thank you.

Caroline Van Hove
Vice President, Allergan Corporate Communications"

December 14, 2009

Outdoor Decor!

The outside of my home is a decorated as it is going to be!  I purchased a large wreath on Thursday; I've always wanted one for this house.  It was only $35.00 at Costco!  Costco was sold out of Christmas outdoor decorations; amazing, so I couldn't purchase additional icicles.  I added lights to the wreath.  I also bought these little snowflakes for the balcony.

Take a look at the inside of my home also!

There are candy canes lining the driveway, 'icicles' around the walls, and deer in the front yard! 

It was windy, rainy evening, so they were moving as I snapped the picture...

Even the owl who protects the front porch has a holiday ribbon scarf!

Christmas Decorations

To see the finished outdoor decorations, look here.  Very simple with the decorations this year.  The tree, the mantel, the foyer and the stairs are the only areas decorated.  I'll finish the foyer tonight.

This is the mantel with the stockings hung for Santa!  Madelaine and Lyonn each have one too (although I'm not certain how their new fruit dehydrator is going to fit...)

The ribbons on the trees just do not photograph well.  I tried about 15 different angels.  It looks a lot better in person!

the branches on this tree have so much varying textures, again, althought I've tried to show them, it is very hard to see in the photo.

Except for the Nativity set in the Foyer, I think I am finished decorating!

December 10, 2009

Outdoor Christmas Decor, Part 1

I've been horrible about photographing my Christmas decorations.  When I arrive home in the evening, the lighting is just not the best.  But I've been decorating!  And having a wonderful time doing so!  The outside is almost complete, I just have to buy some new lights for the front balcony. 

When I moved from my townhome to this house, I went to Costco and bought everything new for outdoors because I didn't have anything.  Well, its been 7-years!  And the lights are starting to have some problems!  What's worse, is that the same lights are not even being made and I can't find replacements.  So, I took a string to use for my replacements lights.  I plan to go light shopping at lunch today...

A few pictures, but I'm taking a flex day off on Friday (YAY!) so I'll be able to take some photos at dusk and I think they will turn out alot better.

Notice the owl in the corner....he now has a big red bow!  He has to live on my front porch because birds are building nests on the ledge.  Normally I would be ecstatic about this, however, you can imagine what a mess this creates on the front porch...last year I had to through a wreath away because of said mess.  So the owl moved in and since the nests were empty (I checked first) the birdies moved out.  They can live anywhere in the backyard, its huge!  I'm not being mean! (I'm trying to convince myself of this, can you tell?!)

this just looks strange, and my deer are not even visible!  There are candy canes lining the drive way, this is one side, along with 2 lighted deer, contributed by Edgar when we combined our homes.  I've since adopted them... more to come!

Fall Ocelots

This jacket by Alberto Makali is one of my  finds from the Nordstrom Rack Designer Event **Sigh** which I had more fun than should be allowed (seriously, there has be a limit on how many cute things they should have, it is fiscally frightening!)  I only went in for running shoes (found 2 pair that fit, after trying on about 15 pair!  This was a 'need' as opposed to a want, I had not bought running shoes for over 1 1/2 years, just rotated 3 pair, all of which are worn out).

The photo doesen't show the incredible fabric of this jacket, its almost sweater-like, but more structured, with gold threads throughout.  Cost? $45.00!  The purple dress is a find from Target last year, Converse!  So much fun to mix everything up and have a whole new outfit!  The jacket looks great with red and of course, black, for entirely different looks.  I would say its an ocelot print; I ended up buying it instead of this one.

I absolutely adore these boots, they are DKNY, over the knee, but can be worn folded down.  They look adorable over skinny jeans over the knee, but I feel like its a little much wearing them that way...

I found this belt at Target! 

They are a 5 1/2, so I have to wear heavy running socks with them, so funny!

December 07, 2009

Transitional Boots

Well its been about 48 hours since my H1N1 vacine and I'm still alive!  Whew!  It was being offered at the company nurse's office for Category 2 people, so I thought I'd get one yesterday.  I'm Cat2 because of the whole bronchitis 3-week-off-work-every-year thing (NOT this YEAR!!! that's my goal...)

We are about to start getting raining weather, so I thought I'd wear these adorable boots  that I had ordered back in September.  I was thinking they would work best for Spring, but they are so cute I had to wear them at least once before the weather turns really cold.  I had first saw them on Chloe's blog and had to order pair from Go  They aren't leather, which concerns me, only because if I trip scratch them, I don't know how I'll repair the damage, and yes, I'm always having to have a shoe repaired.  I'm one of Nordstrom's best shoe repair customers! 

I tried wearing skinny jeans both in and out.  I'm short, so I think out worked best for me, but in shows off the boot.  In spring I think they will be adorable with skirts!

Tried to take a 'mirror' picture so that the boots could be visualized as part of  an outfit, but the flash was not cooporating...

This adorable flower is so Anthro-eque, but was made by a local artist in a fabric shop that I've discovered.

This paper Tee has the sweetest design, it is made for layering and peeked out under the bottom of the olive sweater.  The color picked up the boots and pulled this casual outfit together.  Did I mention that I found this top and a green one at Target for only $10.00 a piece?!  Squeal!

From the Auction - Balcony Set

This is another find from the 'best auction ever!' that I attended in October.  This adorable 3-piece raised balcony set just needed to have one of the chairs welded and a fresh coat of paint.  Edgar took the chair to the community college and was able to have it welded for free! 

The front balcony and the indoor bridge from the stairs to the loft are the two areas in the house which offers a 'peek-a-boo view' to the ocean.  Those of you in real estate know that this entitles the house to be called an 'ocean view' home!  I find that very amusing, but with these raised chairs, I can look towards the horizon and see the ocean. 

It is adorable on the front balcony, very French-looking!  I hope to find some cute cushions for it.  Won't it be lovely to have breakfast or afternoon coffee or tea on?

Ok, this is a horizon shot, it is not nearly as visible in the photo as in person....

Just past the trees...

Happy Monday!

December 04, 2009

Tartan Cheese Cake by Isaac Mizrahi

Did I mention how much I adore tartan?  Its so preppy and classic.  I also adore QVC, or any avenue of online shopping, but I digress....

When I received an email that Isaac Mizrahi would be featured on QVC, I had to check out the website and to my surprise, I saw this adorable TARTAN cheesecake!

How cute is that?!

"...Designed by Isaac Mizrahi and created by Junior's. Each couture confection is handmade with fresh, premium ingredients--from the creamy original New York cheesecake baked atop a chocolate graham cracker cookie crust to the rich chocolate ganache icing and decadent fudge border. From Junior's New York Desserts. Measures 8" "

Free Owl Gift Tags and Cheesecake (not free!)

I thought these were so cute that I wanted to share; I've just downloaded 3 pages and they are so adorable

Speaking of cute, vist my home blog to see this adorable Tartan Cheesecake!!

Thanksgiving Table

I can't believe I hadn't published this; it was still in my 'drafts'  obviously Thanksgiving is over...have I mentioned I'm feeling very behind in my personal life as of late??! 

This was my table without the table settings, eeeek, or candles (why did I photograph it in this incomplete state??)

The reason I'm even publishing this so late is because I love the little Indian corn (ahhahah) my sweetheart Edgar IS an Indian, although he would correct me and say "Native American", but just in the event that he reads this, I have to laugh about the name; and yes, I do have the maturity of an 8-year old!

And the little pheasants; I found them at a little pop up shop in Cabazon Outlet Center (by Palm Springs-worth going to if you visit Palm Springs) a few years ago, and their little sweet faces make me smile each year when I take them out.  

CHRISTMAS posts to follow!

Do you Love Barbie?

I have to say that I still do!  Well, basically, I'd like to be her, with the caveat that all accessories, to include homes and airplanes, are included!  She is such a fun diversion; I think I can credit Barbie for my love of fashion. 

Christian Louboutin has created a Barbie, and of course, the most exciting aspect are the SHOES! As much as I adore Barbie, I adore shoes! ;-)

This fashionista comes with four pairs of mini red-soled shoes, which are exact teeny tiny replicas of real-life models. And, like any serious stylista, Barbie can house all of her shoes away safely when she's not wearing them, as each pair comes with it's own mini shoe box.

Not to be outdone, have a look at the
Jonathan Adler Barbie Doll

Jonathan Adler Barbie doll:  Stylish, adorable and chic (that Dress!, and Bracelette!); complete with miniature versions of real Jonathan Adler pieces including a stylish Channing End Table, Bel Air Table Lamp, Three Stripes Vases, a Lacquer tray, and a Lacquer Barbie® Silhouette Mirror.

Set includes:

Jonathan Adler Barbie Doll
Barbie-sized Accessories
White and Pink Barbie Mirror
White Channing End Table
Barbie Pink Bel Air Lamp
Barbie Pink Lacquer Tray
Barbie Stripes Vases
Teensie weensie My Prescription for Antidepressive Living By Jonathan Adler and Barbie Books


December 02, 2009

Free Christmas Planner Download!

Download a free Christmas Planner!  Visit my Home blog for details!

Christmas Planner

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I'm trying to get caught up today; it has been so incredibly buzy.  I have pictures of finished projects, I just have to down load them.  I can't wait to share. 

This is the cutest Christmas Planner from Ms. Tip Junkie's blog.  She is offering it as a free down load!  This is a really fun blog to visit if you haven't already!

December 01, 2009

Shoes of Prey

Have you heard of Shoes of Prey?  Its a website that lets you design a shoe and then purchase it.
Prices are in Austrailian dollars.  It looks like fun; I've started a shoe.

You choose the heel, toe, fabric, colour and embellishments. Then expert craftsmen make your shoes to measure, swaddle them in a soft dust bag and crisp new box, and ship them straight to your waiting feet.
If you order a pair let me know! I'm very curious to see what the shoes are like and if they fit well. After seeing the movie P.S. I Love You (Hillary Swank)  I've been enchanted with being a shoe designer!