December 17, 2009

Help Fight Taxes on Cosmetic Treatments!!

I re-read my post, and just as I was afraid of, I just don't like the way it sounds- rather snotty, and that is not what I was trying to convey.  I'm all about philanthropy, tithing, and charities, but I strongly believe in personal responsibility as well.  It is the lack personal responsibility in the world today, and the seemingly processes being put into place which reward it, that I am quite disturbed about.  And also that I'm seeing things I've worked so hard for being systematically taken away, or may just never come to fruition (ie: retirement!) [haha].  Taxes on cosmetic procedures is just one more blow that I take personally because I expect to need them and I am not wealthy to say the least.  This is just not fair to women.

Happy holidays to everyone!

This is not a very Christmas-y post, but possibly others may feel exactly the way that I do, particularly since tax season is quickly coming upon us.  At least our ability to take due care to protect our assets has  not been completely taken away this year...yet.

I received this email today and had to share.

I've been reading about this bill and it is just one more of the attacks on those of us who are successful and socially responsible. 

Welfare from the top down, oh, but I digress. 

Please consider writing to your senator.  Whether or not you want Botox is not the point.  The point is that people who may decide to use this type of  item are being attacked in every arena.  A few personal examples: My health insurance is going to be taxed because it is considered to be 'high-end' (I do not even have the option to purchase the 'high' option, so I cannot figure this one out).  AND my educational benefits through my company have been cut entirely. [God forbid that a professional woman wants to continue her education.]  However, I am expected to pay, via taxes, for programs for people who are abusing our country and its legal system.

God help us survive the next 3 years.  

"With Senate leaders pushing for a vote on the health reform bill before Christmas—in just 12 working days—it is critical that you write your Senators and sign the petition today opposing the tax at

You will find important new information on the site regarding the results of a national survey conducted by Opinion Research Corp1, that found:

A majority of Americans—52%—oppose using the cosmetic medical tax to help finance health care reform. Only 43% favor the tax.

When informed that the proposed tax on cosmetic medical procedures imposes a new tax-burden on the American middle class, 49% of respondents are more likely to oppose the cosmetic medical tax. Only 30% would be more likely to support such a tax.

Sixty-four percent of respondents agree—and 37% strongly agree—that the cosmetic tax has no place in health care reform.

This information is critical to convey to your Senators as it demonstrates the widespread disapproval of this tax. If you have already sent a letter to your Senator and signed the petition at, please forward to your friends and family and ask them to join the movement opposing the cosmetic tax. YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED TO REMOVE THE COSMETIC MEDICAL PROCEDURES TAX FROM HEALTH CARE REFORM.

Please act now.

Thank you.

Caroline Van Hove
Vice President, Allergan Corporate Communications"

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Jacqueline said...

I just wanted to let you know one of my guinea pigs, Oreo, passed away last night. He went downhill yesterday all of the sudden and I took him in to the vet. They felt a hard lump and he was below normal body temp. They think it was a tumor that was bleeding. He passed away at 11 PM last night. I am quite sad, but I thought you would be one person who understood how I must be feeling. xoxo