September 23, 2010

And with Fall, There will be Changes

I want a new look. 

Madelaine and Arielle are my two little ones (a Jersey Wooley and a French Angora, which to whom you have not yet been introduced). Of course I still my Lyonn; and I may work his name in later. 

Welcome Autumn!

Lovely Fall.  My favorite season.  Decorating.  Pumpkins.  Renewal and restoration for the mind, soul and home.

August 23, 2010


A big Hello to everyone!  My poor blog has been languishing for a few months.  With my absolute favorite season coming up, I'm trying to make time begin at least weekly posts.  Can you believe another year has gone by?  I still have my 2009 Vogue on the bookshelf! and the 2010 issue will be out in a matter of days!

I've had my nose the the proverbial grindstone this summer, or perhaps "abacus" in my case! 

The California State school which I was to begin my MBA in June does not yet have its AASCB accreditation.  For that amount of money, I can't take the chance that it "will come later", so I'm in search of a new school, other than the wonderful east school school for $80.  So the search is on!  I think I've narrowed it down to one, and I'm excited about this new possibility.

Some happy news to share, and really the reason for this post: I'm getting married on September 3rd!  After a 4-year engagement, we decided upon a very small wedding at my mom's church in Los Angeles.  Honeymoon either in the fall or spring depending on work schedules.  Amazing how easily everything is falling into place; we had only decided at the beginning of August! 

Pictures to follow soon.  Hope everyone is having a lovely summer.

May 22, 2010

Cute Bunny Giveaway!

Visit Jenny's blog Wonders of Whimsy and check out her cute bunny giveaway!  How adorable!  Jenny's blog is so cute, so be sure to visit and enter her contest!

I recently adopted another bunny, Arielle, a French Angora.  I promise to post pictures, and catch up with my blog!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

May 01, 2010

My Art Class!

Happy May 1st!  I hope you are celebrating by doing wonderful things for yourself and embracing spring, regardless of the weather.  Spring, like fall, is a time of renewing your state of mind.  I went for a long run this morning.  And I signed up for an online Art Class!  at Les Petite Academy.  This will be the first Art course I have taken in over 20 years!  (I think my last one was in middle school).  I'm very excited.

Maybe I can draw some of these?

April 27, 2010

Spring Time Creativity

I am in such a spring time mood! I want to create, clean and just focus on all things artistic! I’ve done the spring cleaning. I actually took time off from work, as I do every year. I was home alone and I cleaned closets, finished painting projects, and of course, started painting projects (...still painting after 7-years!) Working, school, running and life certainly have a way of pushing painting to the bottom of the list, but I paint when I can; a few hours each week. I was thrilled to give about 5 boxes of clothing and household items to the Salvation Army so that someone could give the items new life. You know how much I love to reuse and recycle.

The desire to create, write and go forward with purpose has caused me to want to blog and reconnect. I’ve been visiting blogs, eventhough I’ve been negligent in my own blogging. Once I can find an MBA program I will feel much more settled; as it is, I’m constantly searching as the time goes by. Le sigh.

April 26, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Motivation

I had to go to Target at lunch today to see the new Zac Posen collection. The quality impressed me and I’m somewhat of a fabric snob. I also pull the seams of clothes to see if they will pull apart. These didn’t! I bought a brocade skirt, size 1, so the sizes are true to size as I’m usually a 00 or 0. Very well made, and fabric is substantial and will hold its shape.

I also bought a tomato plant for my little hanging tomato growing apparatus which I had purchased at Home Depot last week. So tonight I will plant it. I thought this little system would be good for me since it is my first try with tomatoes and I tend to kill plants. Some Miracle Grow Moisture Control soil and I think I will have taken every precaution I can take to secure its life! My other seedlings are not growing yet, but since I planted them a week ago they should start soon.

This weekend I read a book, Big Girl by Danielle Steele.

Yes, I finished it. I’m that way when it comes to books, once I start it, I can’t put it down. It was very thought provoking as the character deals with her eating disorder of sorts as a result of the just horrid level of emotional cruelty inflicted upon her by her parents.  Whether or not one chooses to overeat for comfort, or not eat for comfort, is rather intriguing to me. I sat in my garden on Sunday afternoon and read; it was delightful. With Peets decaf, what could be better? I haven't taken an afternoon just to read for quite sometime and I felt so refreshed afterwards. 

And inspired to go upstairs and continue painting. My little reading cafe is complete (that's what I've named it).  Now for the hallway walls.  I mixed 3 1/2 gallons of paint that I had to make the color; recycle, resuse, renew, I beleive I am touching upon each of those here!

Speaking of the garden, Everything is in bloom. The apricot tree is so full that the gardener recommended that I stake it so that it doesn’t fall over. Apricots and 0% Fage yogurt will be wonderful breakfasts and lunches throughout spring,. And I have to report that a darling hummingbird has built a tiny, little nest in the plum tree, which right outside of the garden room. I often have my computer on the table and watch her. I didn’t realize she had a nest until today.

I have to take sooo many pictures of my home projects, it is that for which I need motivation…