August 23, 2010


A big Hello to everyone!  My poor blog has been languishing for a few months.  With my absolute favorite season coming up, I'm trying to make time begin at least weekly posts.  Can you believe another year has gone by?  I still have my 2009 Vogue on the bookshelf! and the 2010 issue will be out in a matter of days!

I've had my nose the the proverbial grindstone this summer, or perhaps "abacus" in my case! 

The California State school which I was to begin my MBA in June does not yet have its AASCB accreditation.  For that amount of money, I can't take the chance that it "will come later", so I'm in search of a new school, other than the wonderful east school school for $80.  So the search is on!  I think I've narrowed it down to one, and I'm excited about this new possibility.

Some happy news to share, and really the reason for this post: I'm getting married on September 3rd!  After a 4-year engagement, we decided upon a very small wedding at my mom's church in Los Angeles.  Honeymoon either in the fall or spring depending on work schedules.  Amazing how easily everything is falling into place; we had only decided at the beginning of August! 

Pictures to follow soon.  Hope everyone is having a lovely summer.


Susu Paris Chic said...

How sweet and exciting my dear... you two love each other and want to show it in front of your loved ones! I wish I could come over to celebrate the big day with you... I would so so so love it!

Great to see you blogging again, my dearest friend! I took a look at many of your bygone posts and they are just adorable:) I especially love your outfit posts - what a surprise! You have so much to give. Just let it come out, even your soul will feel lighter.

WendyB said...


l'air du temps said...

oh do enjoy your wedding weekend!! congratulations my dear, this is truly sweet.

i look forward to when you have time after the festivities to share in your special day. looking forward to some good pics!!

lots and lots of hugs & have fun!

Charlie Smoothy said...

Congratulations, how are you enjoying married life? Hope you're having a wonderful time and that your day was everything you wanted and more :) Charlie xx