December 14, 2009

Christmas Decorations

To see the finished outdoor decorations, look here.  Very simple with the decorations this year.  The tree, the mantel, the foyer and the stairs are the only areas decorated.  I'll finish the foyer tonight.

This is the mantel with the stockings hung for Santa!  Madelaine and Lyonn each have one too (although I'm not certain how their new fruit dehydrator is going to fit...)

The ribbons on the trees just do not photograph well.  I tried about 15 different angels.  It looks a lot better in person!

the branches on this tree have so much varying textures, again, althought I've tried to show them, it is very hard to see in the photo.

Except for the Nativity set in the Foyer, I think I am finished decorating!

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Hanako66 said...

it all looks so beautiful!