December 10, 2009

Outdoor Christmas Decor, Part 1

I've been horrible about photographing my Christmas decorations.  When I arrive home in the evening, the lighting is just not the best.  But I've been decorating!  And having a wonderful time doing so!  The outside is almost complete, I just have to buy some new lights for the front balcony. 

When I moved from my townhome to this house, I went to Costco and bought everything new for outdoors because I didn't have anything.  Well, its been 7-years!  And the lights are starting to have some problems!  What's worse, is that the same lights are not even being made and I can't find replacements.  So, I took a string to use for my replacements lights.  I plan to go light shopping at lunch today...

A few pictures, but I'm taking a flex day off on Friday (YAY!) so I'll be able to take some photos at dusk and I think they will turn out alot better.

Notice the owl in the corner....he now has a big red bow!  He has to live on my front porch because birds are building nests on the ledge.  Normally I would be ecstatic about this, however, you can imagine what a mess this creates on the front porch...last year I had to through a wreath away because of said mess.  So the owl moved in and since the nests were empty (I checked first) the birdies moved out.  They can live anywhere in the backyard, its huge!  I'm not being mean! (I'm trying to convince myself of this, can you tell?!)

this just looks strange, and my deer are not even visible!  There are candy canes lining the drive way, this is one side, along with 2 lighted deer, contributed by Edgar when we combined our homes.  I've since adopted them... more to come!

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