December 07, 2009

From the Auction - Balcony Set

This is another find from the 'best auction ever!' that I attended in October.  This adorable 3-piece raised balcony set just needed to have one of the chairs welded and a fresh coat of paint.  Edgar took the chair to the community college and was able to have it welded for free! 

The front balcony and the indoor bridge from the stairs to the loft are the two areas in the house which offers a 'peek-a-boo view' to the ocean.  Those of you in real estate know that this entitles the house to be called an 'ocean view' home!  I find that very amusing, but with these raised chairs, I can look towards the horizon and see the ocean. 

It is adorable on the front balcony, very French-looking!  I hope to find some cute cushions for it.  Won't it be lovely to have breakfast or afternoon coffee or tea on?

Ok, this is a horizon shot, it is not nearly as visible in the photo as in person....

Just past the trees...

Happy Monday!

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