December 04, 2009

Do you Love Barbie?

I have to say that I still do!  Well, basically, I'd like to be her, with the caveat that all accessories, to include homes and airplanes, are included!  She is such a fun diversion; I think I can credit Barbie for my love of fashion. 

Christian Louboutin has created a Barbie, and of course, the most exciting aspect are the SHOES! As much as I adore Barbie, I adore shoes! ;-)

This fashionista comes with four pairs of mini red-soled shoes, which are exact teeny tiny replicas of real-life models. And, like any serious stylista, Barbie can house all of her shoes away safely when she's not wearing them, as each pair comes with it's own mini shoe box.

Not to be outdone, have a look at the
Jonathan Adler Barbie Doll

Jonathan Adler Barbie doll:  Stylish, adorable and chic (that Dress!, and Bracelette!); complete with miniature versions of real Jonathan Adler pieces including a stylish Channing End Table, Bel Air Table Lamp, Three Stripes Vases, a Lacquer tray, and a Lacquer Barbie® Silhouette Mirror.

Set includes:

Jonathan Adler Barbie Doll
Barbie-sized Accessories
White and Pink Barbie Mirror
White Channing End Table
Barbie Pink Bel Air Lamp
Barbie Pink Lacquer Tray
Barbie Stripes Vases
Teensie weensie My Prescription for Antidepressive Living By Jonathan Adler and Barbie Books



Jacqueline said...

oh my, I was obsessed with Barbie dolls when I was a young girl. I had the whole barbie house and everything else. Could never get enough. I am sure I would have been thrilled to have these back then =) Barbie still holds a special place in my heart. So cute.


Suburban Princess said...

OMG how awesome are they!!!

I love the little shoes!

Have a fabulous weekend! I hope you have some parties to go to!

Angela said...

oh wow I can't believe Barbie has a pair of Louboutins before me!