May 08, 2009

Lumigan - Eyelash Growth

Its been about 7 months now that I have been using Lumigan, for eyelash growth. Well, not exactly intended for this purpose, buy my dermy had to actually cut her eyelashes because they grew so long! In my case, I purchased it to try to restore very overplucked eyebrows....(enough said!) but I am enjoying the benefits of the long eyelashes!

Since I've been using all the products from Rodan+Fields, I've been really giving my skin a critique to determine that they are in fact working on my skin (I've never had such hydrated skin, and I'm known for buying some very pricey high-end products. I always say that I could have 2 or 3 rentals with all my product money over the years!), I'm really frustrated that my eyebrows are taking their time to grow. GRRRRRR! I'm going to have them shaped next weekend; at least they no longer resemble "commas".

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