May 05, 2009

Blog Title

My Tealle Madelaine Style Blog was created as a dedication to my two angora bunnies, who just happen to love all things stylish. I haven't yet introduced them, so I'll use this post to introduce them. Meet Tealle Wooley and Madelaine. (The 6 month old Lionhead, Lyonn, wasn't included in the title, but being quite young, he finds it more amusing to 'renovate' than to actually appreciate style just yet.) Pictures of my nearly completed office, with his special touches, will be posted soon.

Tealle is 11 1/2 years old, now blind, and throughout his life as endeared everyone he has met to him. One word that describes him is Regal. He carries himself with elegance, actually prances rather than hopping. Madelaine is a 5-7 year old rescue, with whom Tealle fell in love with immediately. They are best friends (and both fixed by the way). I rescued her so that Tealle would have a companion be cause of my many hours spent each day at the office.

I've been thinking that I should change the name however, so that it might relate more to my business which is skin care, and future business, which will be something in design. Red Lipstick Style just sounds posh, I think and may bring more readers to the blog. In the next few weeks, I hope to give it a new direction, with more of a theme, to include, Skintini, home design, and all things stylish, all with an analytical perspective!

I hope to provide some level of enjoyable reading as I introduce the products of Dr. Rodan and Fields through Skintini, pursue my Professional Analyst Certification, enter my MBA program, all while looking to create style in every aspect. Your helpful comments are always appreciated. Let me know what you think about the blog name!

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