August 20, 2009

To Market, To Market

I'm leaving for a trip to Indian Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico today! According to the website, it is THE most prestigious Market in the World! I went in 2006, and it was definitely both an art lover's and shopper's paradise. Last time we met people from England, Australia, and Belgium, as well as from many people on the east coast and everywhere else in the U.S. On the trip home, the plane was packed with ARTWORK! Much to the dismay of the flight attendants...

Official Poster for the event.
Since my fiance is Navajo, I have received many pieces of traditional jewelery during the course of our relationship. Most of the time I display it in a case, but just for Market, I've pulled a few pieces out to take and wear. In addition to the Market, there are some incredible SPAs in Santa Fe! I'm so looking forward to a mani/pedi/facial. And an Opera on Saturday.

And (I realize that I may be the only one to appreciate this!) but there is also great vegetarian foods in Santa Fe. Food is something I always panic about when I travel: will I be able to find healthy food, organic, fat free??? No problem in Santa Fe! Edgar and Drew, of course, will take advantage of the more traditional Native foods!
A little hard to see all of the detail on the peices, particularly the animals.


Whitney said...

I am LOVING all of those pieces!

Tiffany said...

gorgeous pieces! and that market sounds amazing!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

FUN! I hope you had a great time and found lots of fabulous stuff! My sister used to live in Flagstaff & I loved going to Sedona to the markets to look at all the beautiful native jewelry.