August 03, 2009

Julie and Julia

I am so excited about the new movie opening in theaters this Friday, Julie and Julia. Last Thursday evening I bought the book so I could get into the characters and just get overall into the event. As a semi-vegetarian, and anti-butter or fat of any kind person, some of the recipes were very 'hard to digest' but my brain started thinking of ways to make them really healthy and fat-free! I'm still excited about the movie and have prepared myself for the enormous amount of butter that I'm about to see! Amy Adams and Meryl Streep (saw them together in Doubt) will be a great team.

And I'm planning to wear pearls to the movie, just as the characters wear! Can't wait!


Pink Peony said...

I have the link to her blog on my page it's kinda cool to look back after reading the book :)

Red Lipstick Style said...

Very Cool! I had seen Julie's blog before, but lost track of it. I'm in love with the piano! Thank you so much for sharing!