August 14, 2009

Little Black Boho Dress

As you can see, I'm renovating my blog. So I lost widgets, pictures, ggggrrr.
Might be nice to actually see the dress, right? I actually love photography, but I'm just learning...I guess you have to start somewhere...

I'm in love with this dress found in a little boutique in La Jolla, Ca. It can be worn so many ways, of course I had to wear it to the office, so I added pearls. I just ordered a Tori Spelling necklace which would look great with it too, and then there are the J Crew necklaces... It has embroidery all the way around the dress, which is amazing to me for the cost of the dress. Love the puffy sleeves. I would have worn sky-high heels, but instead wore kitten heal sandals because I've been nursing a severely bruised toe for 3 weeks...(I'm having a real crisis about the heel thing...) The bag is from PARIS! A little shop that made bags next to the hotel that I stayed in...aaaahhhh seems like yesterday....

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♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you :)
and you have beautiful red hair, a color I've always wanted to try myself. :)