September 03, 2009

Sad, but stylish, day

Very sad day for me: Edgar's 12-year old son, Drew, went back home to NJ after a fun-filled month-long visit with us (too short, and why only a month and not the summer, I'll never understand - but that's legal stuff and must not be blogged about, ever ;-)

Now, just so you don't think I gush about every child I meet, I have to preface this little tribute by saying that I'm not that comfortable with children, for the simple reason that I just really don't know very many. But Drew is the most unique little person ever (well, he's 12 now, so really no longer a child). He is first, completely adorable; second (ok, this item should be his first quality listed, but this blog is about style after all!) incredibly intelligent and a great conversationalist; and after their drive from California to New Mexico for Indian Market, Edgar says he is the best traveling companion he has ever had, EVER!!! (and he has traveled all over the world). NOTE: I FLEW to NM - I HATE driving!!!! (I think it is because of my 100-mile per day, 4-days per week COMMUTE that I brave....just saying).

He is also very, very well rounded in his activities, just like his father. So whether he is going from playing baseball to the theater; from shopping for sports equipment to shopping for a suit; from going for a run on the beach to dinner in a 5-star restaurant; and from listening to music on cds to listening to chamber music - he doesn't miss a beat. I've had the privilege of knowing him since he was quite young and he has always been "cool". You know the kid in class that was just cool, didn't have to try, and didn't even care about being cool? That's Drew. So this is my little tribute to my most favorite guy in the universe (sorry Edgar). Also, Drew is the one who found Lyonn and insisted that we adopt him. I'll miss him until he visits again, or we go to NYC to visit him!

Mad Men Night
Somewhere in AZ/NM during the drive to Market

Jewelery making at his uncle's shop in AZ

At an art exhibit at Market
Had to throw another Mad Men photo in here...


Elle said...

Oh so sweet! I think it is wonderful that you are so found of him... my older sister has a step daughter and she said that being close to her step daughter has helped her marriage in so many ways.... Cute blog! I'm glad you dropped by mine so I found yours!

Red Lipstick Style said...

Thank you Elle! That is very true, about being close to the children. It was hard for me the first few years, just because I did not know what was expected. For the past 3, however, things have worked out very well - which is kind of sad because they moved 3000 miles away 1 1/2 years ago!

Domestic Diva said...

Hello, thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Love the pictures of your family! Ok you have to share with me about your bunnies. I purchased Eloise from a pet store. Surprised the girls with her at their ballet class. We love her so much! I only wished she wanted to hand with us more. Have a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!
xxxx me

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! Wha ta sweet tribute to a very handsome boy! have a great weekend!

Red Lipstick Style said...

Hello Domestic Diva, Oh there is just soooo much to share about bunnies! You said that your daughters were Eloise x2, well they are Madelaines x3! Each has a personality of his/her own. Wooley is just regal, always has been; Madelaine is my preppy little girl (one can't dress bunnies as you know, because they over heat) she has a pink bed that she sits in and looks at me with huge eyes. Lyonn is the baby, actually 10-months Sept 2; he is very sweet. He has decided that it is his job to protect Wooley and 'guide' him (Wooley has been blind since February). Wooley and Madelaine love to be petted and picked up, Lyonn likes conversation but does not like being touched (maybe he is going through a teen-age phase?!)
Have a wonderful weekend!

everybodysaysdont said...

He's a gorgeous young man and he sounds great company! x Hope you are all having a good weekend, shame you can't be together more.