January 18, 2010

I'm a Networked Blogger!

I joined the Network Blogger Group via Facebook.  If you are a follower, I'd like to invite you to follow via Network Blog as well and join me on Facebook.  I'm still trying to determine all the information on how this will work, but please send questions if you have any and I will find the answer.

I'm contemplating about combining my home and fashion blogs into one.  I'm having a hard time keeping up with both (not helping my exhaustion at all)... for those of you with more than one blog, what would you suggest?  Looking forward to your comments!  Stay tuned for the giveaway information!


Boo said...

I want to jion, but i have no time .

Lipstick said...

you know, I do networked blogs too, but I haven't figured out how to link to it on my blog without having all my IRL info showing. have you figured that out yet? I would love any tips if you have. :)