January 18, 2010

Alice I Have Been

I was in Barnes and Noble looking for a good book for my trip next week. I decided upon "Alice I Have Been".  I'm looking forward to the movie Alice in Wonderland, and this book is about Alice and what she goes through as an adult. 

I'll take this book and a book by Alexandra Stoddard, "Living a Beautiful Life".  I found two of her books at an auction I went to last October and am still reading them and making notes.  They are incredibly inspirational to me and I will likely make reference to many of the ideas in them from time to time.  I've learned to much about really making my home more wonderful and it was really fun to find out some of the things that I do are recommend in the book (having multiple desks, for example).  Your home should reflect your style and these books offer suggestions on how to make every activity special and stylish.

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Princess Freckles said...

Alice I have Been sounds really interesting. Please let us know how you like it.