November 13, 2009

What I wore to an Auction

I am so behind on posting.  Never in my career have I had a new fiscal year like this.  I am drowning in policy and reports!! I had cancel my two days off this week which was going to allow me to do all sorts of projects at home.  I did have Veteran's Day off, which was spent moving furniture and rearranging rooms, but having 5-days away from the office would have allowed for some things to be completed once and for all!  Oh well, I'll try again another week!  

Since this post was almost completed, I'll write "Friday New Blog Finds" over the weekend!

Last Sunday we went to a private home auction for a designer/landscape artist originally from England.  You can just imagine what her home looked like, it was just gorgeous.  She had put herself into every aspect of it.  Her garden was incredible, it is what my garden is aspiring to be.  I snuck a few pictures, but photos were not encouraged because this was a private residence. So the few I was able to take I'll share on my home blog.

I'll take pictures of all the goodies, poor Lexus: two trips, and a rental truck on Monday (for Edgar's office filing cabinet, which is really a wall unit I suppose).  I have to say that I bought about 16 design books for about $15!  Amazing!  Some of them contain her notes, but are still in immaculate condition.  Sadly, the auction began on Saturday and all of the artwork, handbags and most of the jewelrey peices were already purchased and gone. And, to my dismay, this lovely lady are on opposite ends of clothing sizes, so nothing was going to work for me (and she had an entire room converted into a closet {I showed Edgar, he just growled; I'm thinking if I want this I will have to do it myself!}haha  So many lovely evening dresses and business attire.  There was one Coach bag left, but it was too small for my daily needs and I have several small bags that sadly are not used too often.

This outfit just felt like fall on this nice crisp, yet warm, day. 
Nordstom ribbed tights
Boots also from Nordstrom
J Crew Bracelet
DKNY Skirt ruffle skirt that I never knew what to wear with it, but looked like it was made for this top.
Top is from a little boutique in the area that I found while at Indian Market; it is plaid and has ruffles.  This was the first time I have worn it; I love the silky fabric.  It fits perfectly (I was concerned about howas going to fit and hadn't even tried it on...I don't know what's wrong with me!)

This flower belt cam with an Erin Featherson top that I ordered during Fashion Week.  It just happened to work with this outfit as well (love bow -like flowers!)

Another belt shot, but the plaid is more visable in this one.


preppyinnewengland said...

Great outfit! What a fun outing!
I would want that closet too!

Susu Paris Chic said...

I like the folklore feeling in your outfit. Red suits you well!

Who's that Gamine? said...

you've been busy!! have a restful weekend <3



~Lisa said...

You look great! I love how red looks but I seem to always pick neutral colors naturally.

Kristin said...

Fabulous look. LOVE the bracelet!