November 13, 2009

Auction Finds Series: The Sofa!

Visit my fashion blog to read about a fabulous auction that I went to on Sunday!  I'm going to post some pictures of the wonderful finds I purchased, in a series, because I've been too buzy to take pictures of everything this week.  Actually the problem is, for the garden pieces, when I leave for work it is dark and when I return home from work it is dark, so.....

This was a private auction for an English Landscaper/Designer who passed away at only 53-years of age, one year ago in October.  Her home reflected her love of design and her garden was just breath-taking.  I can only say it is what my garden aspires to be.  I've already been fined for using too much water and I have removed much of the grass, so I can only imagine what her water bills are (if you live in a climate where you actually have rain, oh how I envy you!!!)  Such an incredible home, I felt so comfortable there that we were there afternoon.

I haven't forgotten that is is Friday, and the plan was to introduce a blog, but because of this week's work commitments, I will post it over the weekend.

The auction had actually started Saturday, and there were many items already taken and many with sold signs.  The prices were amazing; items were priced so far below what they were worth that people were actually having piles of finds placed by the exit.

When I saw this lovely little sofa sitting in the master bedroom, I immediately rushed over to one of the attendees for a final price.  When I was told that it had been $250, but since it was getting late, only $100.00, I asked for a sold sign!  This is a feather down sofa that had been purchased during the last year of this lovely lady's life.  It is very substantial and firm, however, not at all squishy.  I even asked Edgar to sit down on it and he said it was firm (and he's a big guy!).  I felt really happy about it because at least 6 other ladies whistfully said to me 'oh, you got the white sofa!'  yay!  why it was still there, I do not know, but

Creamy-white color, it can be styled with any color palate.  It is now in my master bedroom and is adorably beautiful.

I'll include a 'styled picture' in the series of auction items!


Jan @ bobbypins boardwalk said...

oh my goodness -- how very fortunate and clever you were to latch onto this lovely piece. As you said, it can go anywhere because of the neutral color, and it looks to be in excellent conditions for $100!!!!! WOW -- That's cheaper than the goodwill. Well congrats. I'm happy that you got this great bargain!

Jan @ bobbypins boardwalk said...

Hey -- btw -- thank you much!

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