November 23, 2009

Trip to Los Angeles

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  There are 39-days (including today!) left in the year, lets make the most of them!
I visited the hair salon on Friday and had my color done a shade lighter this time and a trim, I can't wait for it to grow.  I went to the Paul Mitchell school again, in San Diego proper.  I adore my colorist/stylist Vanessa.  She is only 19 and is so incredibly professional and sweet.  She is efficient and personable, and sadly (for me) only has a month and 1/2 before she graduates.  She is likely moving to Los Angeles, so if I want to follow her, I will have quite a drive.

Speaking of Los Angeles, I had to take a business trip up there on Saturday, with is why my weekend was so buzy.  I did manage to squeeze in a trip to the Bliss Spa for a manicure and pedicure with the most lovely holiday red,  ****sigh***.  It was a wonderful 2-hour excape from the world. 

I also went to Mood fabric, which is nothing like the website.  There were no sales, I only found one fabric that I liked, a Carolina Herrerra for $40.00 per yard; however, it was not right for my Master Bath window treatments, which is why I stopped there.  I think I'll stick to their website.  The NYC store is supposed to be incredible, but I was really disappointed with the Los Angeles store.

On the way back home we drove through Hollywood (I wanted to stop at the Sephora mega-store, but there just wasn't time), and stopped in Melrose at one of my favorite little boutiques, Paper Moon.  I found the cutest grey infinity scarf for $12.00 (the designers are just starting out, so the prices are incredible) and adorable little dress with a bubble skirt for evening or New Years.  I love the displays in this little shop.  I wore it to work to day with my new J.Crew top and it is so light that is hangs perfectly.


Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Isn't Mood just amazing?! I was so happy they featured it on Project Runway this season as the fabric store of the designers.

Have a fabulous Monday!


Suburban Princess said...

I love those kinds of places!
Sounds like a successful weekend!

Angela said...

ohh, i like the scarf! Maybe I need to jump on the infinity scarf wagon!