November 23, 2009

From the Auction - Garden Planters

I can't beleive a week has gone by. I've actually accomplished alot and will have pictures this week. I went for a run last night and when I returned home at 5:30(!!) it was so dark that I couldn't photograph the adorable chair set on the patio and the lighting wasn't good enough to photograph the Master bath **LIGHTS** which are now installed! I'm so excited. Of course when I left this morning at 5:45am, it was STILL DARK!!

There are about 8 different English herbs and plants, including the adorable topiary, in the planter.

This adorable 400-pound planter is another find from the auction. It is seriously 400+ pounds. It took Edgar and 2 guys to load it in to the poor Lexus(RX300s were never meant for this...) and Ed almost mashed himself in the face taking it out BY HIMSELF!! (I tried to hold the dolly but that didnt' go so well.) It is really English-esque and so sweet with the little topiary. It was supposed to sit on the courtyard wall in my efforts to make it private (any ideas on how to achieve this??) but it was too heavy and there were concerns the wall would be compromised, particularly during an earthquake.   Cost of this piece, $150.00 !! I said the prices were incredible!

The planter is residing by a wall in the front of the house.  Sadly it is far too heavy to be placed on the small courtyard wall.

Close up of the little bird in the planter.  It is also very old and heavy.  This little thing must weigh about 40 pounds.

Close up of the stone planter.  It is so well designed and HEAVY!


Kim said...

I'm glad everyone's (and the car) is okay. This is so adorable, I love the bird.

Anonymous said...


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