November 06, 2009

New Blogs Discovered Friday!

I've recently discovered a great blog called Classy and Sophisticated.

Wow, that's what I aspire to be!

In fact, it was the name that caught my eye and I clicked on it to see who Ms. Classy was. She is Nicol and has some of the best organization techniques ever. This is one organized blogger! AND she just had a new baby girl this week! The thought of that makes me exhaused!

I’m impressed that she manages to keep her home ship-shape using techniques that we can all employ. She might be impressed that I’ve gone out and bought binders for all of my interests this week because I liked how she has corralled her magazine tear-outs into binders. I have mine all over the place, but soon, they will be in binders as well! (I'll do a whole other post on that!)

Happy Friday and I hope you enjoy Nicol’s blog!


Jan @ bobbypins boardwalk said...

I think that we must face it -- as a creative person, it is impossible to stay organized in that area. The creative juices get going, and we start moving and using our hands and zipping from here to there -- hammer, nails, glue, tape measurer, picture....cigarette (forget -- I don't smoke anymore). OK -- I will give it a shot. If you have some good organizational tips, I will try them. First item on your list for tomorrow morning

1. Sign up to follow Jan at bobbypinsboardwalk (haha). I hope you do!

Nicol said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I truly appreciate it!