November 06, 2009

First Blog Friends Friday Introduction!

My lack of posting this week is due to none other than the fact that I have worked closed to 60 hours and I’m exhausted! The first week of the month is always crazy this week, but this was more so because I was out of the office last week and planning to take 3-days off next week. Blogging is such a wonderful way to spend my lunch time, so relaxing!

I actually was thinking about which wonderful blog to start with when I read Ms. Handbands and Handbags post.  She gave me a great idea! Vist her post about OWLS if you haven't stopped by!  I'm fortunate enough to see owls when I run through the canyons by my home at dusk; they fly so close (do they want to play?!) I could almost reach out and touch them!  Adorable!  As a child I loved the idea of an owl with glasses sitting and reading with me. I even had a stuffed animal owl complete with glasses that I loved to play with.
If you haven't visited My Owl Barn blog and you love owls, you must visit them.  They have the cutest owl inspired products that you can purchase to wear, to decorate with and to just enjoy these cute little creatures!

I have a funny owl storey that I have to share about owls, I still laugh about it.
My fiancé is Navajo and the traditional belief is that owls are 'of the dark side' (evil). When he was in college he was an advisor to a group that was establishing what should have been a fun reading program for very traditional Navajo children living on the reservation. The program was failing miserably and one of his non-Navajo colleagues came to him perplexed as to why the children just were not responding to their materials.

After a quick look at the materials being provided to the children, he couldn’t help but just laugh…a large OWL was on the cover of the booklet! He explained to his colleague that the booklet, with the PICTURE OF THE ADORABLE OWL on the front, was super scary to the little Navajo children. It was like giving a little child a picture book with the devil on the front cover. The team quickly realized their cultural faux paux and made the corrections. Once the picture was changed to an Eagle, the children couldn’t wait to read!

Happy Friday and I hope you enjoy the Owl Barn!

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Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Do you need a weekend or what!!! Holy smokes girl! So much work! I hope yo uare hanging in there! I am so glad you brought this delightful site to our attention! did you see the owl recipe cards and gift tags, too cute! Adding this fun site to my favorite!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

UnoCosa said...

love the owl .... very cute and hope you get the rest you need, 60hr working week is soooo long!!!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Shari! Thank you so much for sharing this blog with us! I will definitely check it out!

I loved the story about the owl too! Those poor kids, lol!!
Love ya,