November 16, 2009

Inspiration Binders and a New Attitude on Shopping...

If there is one thing I am good at, its shopping! I can do it at lunch time and online. It perks up my spirits. It honestly makes me happy! If I'm sad I shop and feel better. I never have buyers remorse! Even buying toothpaste is a thrill. Now that you perhaps think I should shop for a good 'shrink', I make these statements to preface the rest of this post, I'm actually like of looking at this as a challenge.

I can't believe the number of unfinished projects in my home and the amount of supplies I have. Some of this is just due to my hectic schedule and how much I'm able to complete in a week. However, blogging has basically turned my whole thought process around.

For the last two months I have been determined to use the supplies I have and complete projects that I've started. I have an incredibly demanding work schedule, so that hasn't happened just yet, but I'm nearing completion on some of the projects.

Also what I admire about bloggers is how they can make something so incredible from nothing, something that looks better than what I would have bought in the past.

My goal is to be more cognizant of what I'm actually buying and thereby, spending. While at Michaels, I was able to put my new mindset into practice.

My bill was rang at $91 for MORE scrapbook supplies (I have an entire amoire of scrapbook supplies). I set everything aside and pulled out my notebook to determine what I was actually purchasing.

The project is to create binders for all of my interests that I want to catalog and to keep reference pictures (ie: magazine pages and pictures) for project and notes about. I already have fashion and home binders and inspiration boards, so I’m adding:
a crafts/DIY binder,
a reading/writing inspirations binder;
separating hair and makeup from fashion;
revising my Home Maintenance binder;
revising my unworkable recipe binders into one usable binder;
a separate gardening binder (had been a part of home design).

I’m just using white binders with inserts with pockets for dividers, so I wanted to decorate the outside of each with beautiful scrap book paper so that they look lovely sitting on the bookcase I am painting. (this mysterious thing that I keep eluding to…I’m having the worst time with it. It is my first makeover piece, the first item I have ever painted other than a chair or walls. I’m trying to stencil it, oh it is just not working out ….and I’m stuck!)

But I digress… I walked out to the car to review my notebook to determine what I REALLY needed to purchase. Seems I was buying paper, embellishments for about 20 extra binders (like I said, if there is one thing I am good at….) so, I pulled out only what I needed for the binders, with 1 extra, and had a final bill of $29. Big difference! I would have used the supplies for something, but I have so much stuff already, its not the best use of funds...(there are holiday clothes to purchase...;-)

I’ll post pictures of these lovely binders once they are complete!


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