October 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Wooley! {update}

Tonight we're celebrating Tealle-Wooley's 12th birthday (meet Wooley on the left side of the blog!).  I'll have pictures of his 'party' tomorrow.  I'll also have more pictures of other items as well including an outfit with BOOTS! yay! The weather actually cooled a few degrees and I wore boots yesterday! I've been really remiss this week about posting.  Wooley is probably the reason for that. 

Wooley is at the very end of his life, so this little birthday is really a celebration for me more than anything.  12-years is a very long time to have something in your life that is a huge part of it.  He is the same age as my soon-to-be stepson and he's referred to as 'Drew's brother'.  Edgar has even interchanged the names (ie:  "do you want me to give Drew some carrot juice, I mean Wooley")
**too funny!**

A bit about Wooley.  I rescued him from a pet store where he had been dropped in front of in Newport Beach, CA, the Fashion Island Shopping Center (why would anyone just drop of an angora?!).  I was at the pet store picking up food for my new baby Lop rabbit, Paige, that I had just adopted 2 months prior.  The pet store folks did not know how to deal with Wooley's angora wool and he was just a mess; but at least they were providing a temporary home.  I fell in love and agonized over him for about a week.  When I went back to check on him, he was still there, wool still a mess and his big blue eyes had a look of horror and sadness. 

After I took him home, much to my absolute dismay, the two bunnies did not get along at all and had to be kept separate.  I bought all sorts of bunny books and tried to bond them for a year; however, strangely enough, they became best friends. 

So when Paige *went to heaven* 4 years ago, Wooley started to become ill.  He started having teeth problems and sinus problems.  However, he has been happy and we saw how hard he fought to live after major dental surgery and a tumor removal in August 2008.  We couldn't believe it (I could, but Edgar was amazed at the strength he showed).  In January 2009, he developed cataracts as a result of the dreaded E Cuniculi virus and has been blind for 9-months.  

He's starting to show a weakness in the past week, and I know his time is short. He only weighs 2lbs even though I feed him a high caloric food twice a day.   I'm watching for that sign that he is ready because I had decided long ago that easing his transition will be the best gift I can give to him. 

As to not to sound sooooo depressing on this day of celebration, at lunch time I'm going to go pick up some balloons and ingredients for flourless chocolate cupcakes (for me and Edgar, the bunnies get an oatmeal-carrot cupcake creation that I've made just for them).  I searched for Peter Rabbit decorations, but couldn't not find them and it was too late to order on-line, so I found some blue and chocolate French inspired decorations.  It is fiscal 2010 madness here the office, and in an effort to maintian a level of professional decorum, I will NOT be sharing this blessed event! haha (no, not even a sign on my door announcing it, although I seriously thought about it...)

So please indulge me as a post our party pictures !

You may know that I have hypoglycemia from my teenage years of not eating anything (tee hee, oh to be able to do that now!haha), so I'm always modifying receipes so that I can eat healthy and stay awake.  This is a great receipe (from Martha! big happy squeal from me, love Martha ;-) for Flour-less Chocolate Cupcakes, yum!  Of course for the sugar, I'll use Splenda, but it is great and for anyone who wants to decrease their gluten and/or sugar, this is a fabulous holiday party desert!  It has the chocoholic-Edgar seal of approval (he's a foodie-snob, so that's saying ALOT!!)  You can use vanilla yogurt, ice cream or whip cream (regular or fat free) for topping!  Dogs can't have chocolate, can bunnies?!  I can't afford to find out with these 3 (hi Dr. Knox! - she's my vet, whom I've gotten to know quite well!).

from Martha's website.

Cupcake oatmeal and carrot cakes...yummy if you are a rabbit!

Yes, I've taught my 'child' to sit properly on chairs!

...before we set something on fire....

Thank you for celebrating Wooley's life with us!

And a big thank you to Ms. Lindsay ;-) at Being Mrs. Cullins for her wonderful movie suggestion of Miss Potter with Renee Zellweger.  Our local Blockbuster said they did not stock it, but I will find it or oder it from Amazon over the weekend! I love Beatrix Potter! If you haven't visited Being Mrs. Cullins, please do so, it's a wonderful blog and she's having a giveaway!


MBM said...

I love bunnies! My son's baby room had a Peter Rabbit theme. There are still 2 prints that I can't seem to take down...I just love them. They are up until he asks for them to come down! Happy birthday Wooley! :)

Lindsey said...

Your post reminded me of the movie "Miss Potter" with Renee Zellweger. It's an amazing movie. You should watch it in honor of Wooley. I think he would like it! I just love bunnies. If Mister will allow it, I would eventually like to make a home for one myself!

the NEO-traditionalist said...

I hope the party is as lovely as it sounds! Wishing Wooley a healthy, happy 12th year!
XX Kate

Suburban Princess said...

Happy Birthday Wooley!

Red Lipstick Style said...

Thank you everyone! Lindsey, I will rent that movie, sounds very interesting! My Mister ***did not*** like the bunnies for many years, sad to say. He thought it was appauling that I treat them like little dogs. He became very attached last year when he saw the strength that Wooley demonstrated. He could not believe that a rabbit would demonstrate such humanistic qualities. So, there is hope for your Mister yet ;-)

oh, hello friend. said...

how seriously PRECIOUS! happy 12th birthday wooley! and flour-less cupcakes, that is legit! :) love all your pics!

thanks for stopping by my blog!

xo. danni

Suburban Princess said...

Very sweet!

Whitney said...

So sweet!

Beth Dunn said...

You are a good bunny mommie! Hope you had fun at the celebration oxox

LPC said...

Happy Birthday to the bunny!