October 01, 2009

Effortless Style

I was inspired by A New York Girl's post "Effortless Style".  It was a really well-written (ie: could easily be in Vogue!) and she discussed the art of having effortless style.  Ms. NY Girl basically discussed what my philosphy in life is as well:   How can one go out and be supportive and nurturing to others if she is hating herself and does not possess confidence?  Fashion can help us feel good about ourselves even in difficult times.  I think effortless style really gives us that boost of confidence that we need. We are sometimes surrounded by much negativity and people who may be very interested in seeing us fail, but confidence in ourselves and give us the ability to go out and make the most of our skills and abilities. 

Like many of us, I workout hard - long runs, Lotte Burke Pilates, yoga, try to have a healthy diet, and I want to feel strong and look and feel good in all the fashions I spend my hard-earned money on! When I feel like I look good, I'm happy. If I'm happy and I'm willing to go that extra mile for someone else.

I admire classic women who just seem to know how to dress in a tasteful manner.  Yesterday I had not planned my outfit, but I do felt like I have that  level of  'effortless style'. I was running late and quickly chose a trusted black Anne Klein skirt, black patent pumps from Nordstom and a cream Forever blouse with ruffles topped with a Banana black patent belt. Of course the blouse could have been neatly tucked into the skirt, but I must have been feeling a bit mad-men-ish! It seems that I have been well-received (outfit-wise, haha!) in two meetings, while doing erronds at lunchtime and passing some colleagues in the hallway. I could have also worn a black leather trench-style coat or the new black trench from DKNY that purchased for fall, however, it was STILL 80 degrees; maybe next time!

Isn't nice when we can achieve effortlessly what has taken so much work to actually get to this point. Here is wishing everyone a confident, stylish day!

front courtyard with Wooley!

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I love this post!