February 11, 2010

Found! A fun new blog!

I had started a feature on my home blog about introducing new blogs that I find on Fridays. I had done a few posts (two?!) here also, but that didn't last very long.  However, sometimes, more often than not lately, Fridays are very hectic work-wise.  I'm finding that it is much less stressful to blog as time permits!

I was inspired by a sweet friend to write a post on {le sigh} Paris, so that is something I've started yesterday. Not a huge endeavor, but my creativity has been a bit squashed by statistical demands, so the words are just not flowing as I would like and I'm still working on that one.  Can I just say that I really wish blogger had spell check?  grrrr!  I'm so sloppy in this area because in the office, I can just type like a mad person and their spell check/grammar check will put everything into the proper context.  Except numbers, it won't fix my dyslexia with numbers (haha). {If you truly have dyslexia, I'm sorry for that little joke, but sometimes I do wonder if I don't have a sort of number dyslexia!} Amazing how bad we can become with a crutch such as this!  I want that program for my lap top!

In my bloggy travels, I happened upon a really cute blog called 101 things I Love, written Ms. Johanna.  I enjoyed reading her posts.  She's inspired me to try Yes to Carrots, which I've been very curious about.  Stop by and say hello!


ellyodd said...

Math dyslexia is real!

Hey, come check out http://dyscalculiaforum.com - nonprofit support forum :)

Red Lipstick Style said...

Thanks Elly. Oh my gosh, I swear, it really is. Somedays I just reverse my numbers and when I look at them later, I can't even believe it.

Do you have it?