December 01, 2009

Christmas Decorating

I braved my way into my storage building on Sunday and pulled out my Christmas decor!  We even went to the country to buy the tree, complete with bunnies in tow; Madelaine had a great time and kept her little head out of the carrier the entire time. 

I chose a live tree, because I love the idea of replanting it after Christmas (however pine trees are illegal in  my association because I live in a fire zone, so I'll have to see where it can go where it won't present a problem).  It's an Italian Stone tree - the needles are like razor blades, which I DID NOT realize before I bought it....Wow, are they sharp.  It is still outside, it had to be replanted into a larger container because the root ball broke though as the guys were loading it.  Edgar will hopefully bring it in tomorrow.  Pictures to follow!  I have most of the outside lights up, just need to finish the front door/courtyard area. 

What a lot of work, but the lights looked so pretty when I pulled in the driveway tonight!  ***sigh*** I love Christmas!

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Who's that Gamine? said...

You're so lucky! Congrats on your real tree! I will post up my sad little tree pictures later :)

Much Love,