November 02, 2009

Welcome Nomember and Happy 1st Birthday Lyonn

Welcome November!  Doesn't seem possible!
And sweet little Lyonn is one year old!  Little Lyonn survived his first year with me after being recued from the animal-drugging pet store in Beverly Hills (YES, they are out of business now!)

We had a “lion” theme; appropriate, don’t you agree?

My dress is from Ebay! From It was a dress that she had for about $40 because it was made ‘too small’ for another client; well that was right up my alley! It fits perfectly. Stop by her store, she has so many unique items. I wore it to church with boots and black tights and regret not taking a picture earlier. Once I had the bunnies out, they required too much attention.

I love this collar! I’m going to style it in another post with a scarf, but I’ve had it for about a month and wanted to show it off.

Of course we had to celebrate, its not every day that a bunny  turns 1 ! (do you see the tool box in the backgroud?  Getting ready to install the lights in the Master Bath!  I'm so excited!)

love this collar!  Better pictures of this dress in a future post!


The Blonde Duck said...

Happy birthday! I hope the little one had a lovely celebration!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Happy Birthday Lyonn!!! You little cutie pie :)

You look fab as always Sheri! I love that collar too!! $40 on eBay? Great deal!!!


LPC said...

Happy Bunny Birthday!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

You are too funny! happy Birthday Bunny! Looks like quite the celebration!!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Shari :) Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment about my tags! I love making those roses :) I would think the smell would last a really long time because I soaked them for over an hour and then baked them, so it has soaked and baked into the paper. I have some from a few years ago and they still have a soft cinnamon sent!

~Lisa said...

Lovely dress! I love the collar too! And happy birthday to the bunny! I've never seen anyone celebrate a pet's birthday! LOL

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