October 19, 2009

Master Bath Sneak Peek!

The master bath is soooo close to being finished, well, except for the granite, but that's not until next year ***sigh***.  {oh, if  I could turn back time, I would have had granite installed in the master when I bought the house.  Not a day goes by...lesson learned: NEXT home!!}

On Monday I ordered the light fixures from Overstock.com.  They had to go with the chandelier that we brought up from the dining room.  The lighting is bad, it is white, not yellow!

Ahem... you can see the builder's light fixture that the new fixtures will replace.  I've complained about these crazy 'movie' lights for years, just seems that there was always another project to do...

What do you think of the wall color?!

The toillette has its own little room, painted red:

These adorable little antique french paintings were found for a steal at a local antique store a few years ago.  The red makes them pop.

More photos to follow once the lighting is installed...

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