October 23, 2009

I Heart Esty...

I've recently purchased some adorable things for the home from ETSY ***sigh*** I love Etsy.  And I always feel like I am really helping the small business community when I purchase from them, which is GREAT! 

I look forward to my own Etsy store.  I have two antique pictures to add to my offerings, right now I'm just in the collecting process.  And I'm trying to decide on a name, because you know how the IRS is, and it will be a sub of my little business venture, Skintini LLC. 

Lavendar Cupcake
Lavendar Rabbit (obvious reasons)
Chateau Vera Cruz
Lavendar Cupcake Home

Ideas?  Completely different direction?  Your advice is more than welcomed!

From Ms. Leigh Viner at jkldesign.blogspot.com.  She thought the order took too long (it didn't!  I received it within about 8-10 days!), However, she is sending me another print that I picked out for FREE!!  What a sweetheart!  Visit Leigh and see if her beautiful drawings might enhance your home or office. 

This adorable bulliten board is in my kitchen to keep all those lists of projects that I write for myself in line.  It is from Ms. Uncorked at Etsy.  It came with an adorable ittle glass beaker to hold the push pins and of course, I dropped it.  Well, I mentioned my clutziness in the EXCELLENT review that I gave her, and she is sending me another one, for FREE!!! I feel bad for even mentioning it, I think I said something like " I loved the litte beaker, which I broke..."....What a doll!

Do you love Etsy?  What are some of your favorite shops?


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Beth Dunn said...

That is one of the next on line ventures I want to learn. I hear they are amazing!!!! Can't wait to see yours. xoxo