October 28, 2009


Wow, I didn't realize almost a week has gone by, I've been so buzy, taking a little time for recovery from the last two weeks.  I never realized how shocking it would be to pick up my little one's ashes; I think I actually caught a cold because of it! Strange how our bodies work like that! 

Well, I intend to go back to work tomorrow and back to reality; I'm feeling better and my cold is clearing up.  I've been using my time at home to finish little projects and I've taken some pictures to share.  Nothing is as easy at seems, right?!  Always some underlying task to get a project completed. 

There is a great giveaway, a blog remake, at the Design Girl.  Check it out, I know that my blog could stand to be better organized.

Aside from that, she is adorable and her blog has all sorts of tips.  She also has a scrapbooking blog, which I'm excited about. 

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