October 16, 2009

Garden Fence

The long anticipated (last spring...) garden fence is finally going up in my backyard.  My landscapers have been sooo buzy that this was the first chance they had.  The soil has a slate stone, along with 'monsterous rocks", so the contractors left their jack-hammer for Edgar to try to remove some of the larger rocks {which is a huge money-saver because they could have spent 2-days just drilling these rocks}. 

This is one of monsterous rocks.  They are all going to be apart of our new rock garden.  Yes, I have been working on my garden for 7-years!  The redwood thing to the left is the side of my raised Veggie Garden.  It produced lovely summer squash and the squirrels ate everything else.

Strangely enough, Edgar was able to free his calendar for the better part of two days and play with the jack-hammer.  He looks hot and tired but I really think that he loved his project! 

Yes, I did try out the jack-hammer for about a 1/2 hour and removed some rocks of my own; I feel so empowered and accomplished!

The almost 20 foot trench had to be about 5 feet deep...

This is my waterfall, drained for cleaning because of all the drilling dust.  Nothing to do with the project, I just think its sweet.

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Heather said...

Oh wow, this waterfall is beautiful!!!