October 16, 2009

Black, White and Lavendar Tribute!

Last night while looking through my emails and catching up, I saw this picture:

The colors, grey , white, touch of black, with lavendar undertones just said "Wooley" to me. A lavendar bunny?  He had big blue eyes and very Nordic skin coloring, so that's where the lavendar comes in.

Believe me, I was in no mood for shopping, but when I saw these colors, I knew I had to have it as a tribute to him and a 'feel good happy' gift to me.  As strange as it sounds, it just made me smile! If there were two things Wooley liked to do in his prime years, it was shop and dine out.  Whenever I took him to Nordstrom if meeting a friend there for lunch, or just picking up a little something, sales ladies would come over from other departments to coo over him.  And he loved every moment of it! 

The dining thing is a whole other post, but lets just say that he has dined in some of the best restaurants AND has been served (carrots, assorted veggies) WITHOUT my having to ask (I always tried to be discrete that he was even there!).

I had to visit Target at lunch time today to look for a cord to connect my laptop to my little HP photo printer.  Couldn't help but notice the adorable hats and gloves! And an adorable piece of fabric!

$71dollars later I was finished!  What?!  $20 phone cord, $20 fabric (a curtain actually), gorilla glue (projects!), curtain hanger thingys, $16 for a topper for my downstairs bathroom that I believe will match the fabric I bought in Los Angeles a couple of months ago, AND it has adorable dangly fringe.  Pictures if it does! Whew!  Under $100!  not bad for Target, right?!


Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Love the outfit you featured, the colors are so muted and beautiful! I know what you mean about Target...I went there Thursday night intending to get a cookie platter...exactly 1 hour later, I came out with a cookie platter, laundry detergent, a new scarf and some cute hair pins!!

Susu Paris Chic said...

The color world in the pic is just what I'm into these days - black, white, maybe a dash of gray ...and all spiced up with a red accent, like lipstick, shoes or jewelry. Lip necklaces are very in at the moment.

Here in Paris the weather is getting seriously cooler, so I'm going on a lil' shopping spree on Monday, my day off, to see how I could tune up my cold season's gear. Have a blessed Sunday!