September 22, 2009

What is YOUR Style?

Find your Style!  This was a cute site to find your style based on favorite things.  I had to share it because "what is the quality like" are the first words out of my mouth when finding new items (below).  Somewhat scary that this little program pegged me so well!  So, What is your Style?!

Your Signature Style is: Understated Elegance
Taste may be acquired for most people, but you've always had it. You just know when something works. Whether it's the way you dress or the way you entertain, you're comfortable with who you are and it shows. You work quietly at doing things well and are never satisfied until you get it "right". The first question you ask when you choose something is "how well is it made?" Your friends think you're a perfectionist. Is there anything wrong with that? Not in your world.

Sept 09 J Crew Catalog


the NEO-traditionalist said...

Ohh this was fun---it said I was a "class act" like Charlotte in Sex and the City, haha. I'm a bit preppy, but I didn't know I was that far gone! Thanks for sharing!
XX Kate

l'air du temps said...

i'll have to pop over and see what my style is, i must admit i am curious.

i like the collage of fashion goodies you shared (jenna's picks). i can imagine myself wearing just about all of these goodies. so tempting... i want everything there:)

l'air du temps said...

i'm back, i've been found out as a 'glamour girl,' but interesting... 'undercover.' i think is so true as i have some pretty things i keep in my closets, i'm not sure what i'm waiting for in terms of wearing them.

lots of fun, thanks you!

the paris house said...

Oh how fun, I need to pop over and check it out. I have no idea what my style is because it is different all the time. But I'm curious what they say. I love all of Jenna's Picks ( I have the skirt and can't wait to wear it)

Suburban Princess said...

Hey there! You won my giveaway! Please visit my blog to claim your prize!

Lindsey said...

"Class Act If you could raid any of the Sex and the City girls' closets, it would be Charlotte's, not Carrie's." Couldn't have said it better myself! I love your comments on my blog, and I'm really enjoying reading yours!
-Being Mrs. Cullins