November 28, 2009

Rainy Day Style!

Its a nice wintery, rainy day today!  Only the 2nd one of the season, so I'm excited!
This was the first year ever I did not shop on Black Friday! Well, not a mall or outlet stores anyway!  I even made a RETURN!! And I'm not even sure if that's legal on Black doubt that will come up on my next security clearance process [ggggggrrrrr.... can you just hear the investigator "now, tell me, Black Friday, 2009, is there anything you would like to talk about? hhhhhmmmmmm????  As he/she/it holds the return receipt in his/her/its hand....]  ok, far too much coffee and paint fumes this morning.

I was too exhaused to shop and too many other unfinished projects to work on.  I did pack the bunnies and we took them to a sweet little fabric store 'in the country' about 30 miles inland.  This adorable shop has the most beautiful fabrics for only $14.00 per yard (I say 'only', it sounds reasonable to me; I'm not certain as to what fabric should cost...its better than the $40 per yard in Los Angeles last weekend!)  So I bought a few yards for upcoming projects.  This little shop has knitting classes and the little hats and handwarmers, that I could potentially make, were so adorable.  I want to take a class in January when the classes resume.  I want to make some handwarmers! (no, I have never knitted in my life...)

At 9:00pm after a long run and a 1/2 hour on the eliptical, I was feeling really antsy, as if I hadn't shopped in, I don't know, years...And NO the bag containing $125 worth of fabric and trim sitting innocently waiting to be formed in to a lovely window treatment did not when Edgar returned from his work out at the gym. we went to a little shopping center a miles or so away and I returned a few things at Marshalls.  I roamed the store for a 1/2 hour, but nothing called out to me.  Edgar found some great Italian shoes, however, so he actually had a great time!

This is my Laundry by Shelly Siegel coat that I bought for $145.00 (that is not a typo!) a month or so ago.  Honestly, do I look like a mushroom??  It is down-filled and I'm hoping it will be warm on very cold days because I freeze)...What do you think?  I'm still contemplating keeping it....

This is a shorter version in cream at Bloomies:

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Very Happy Thanksgiving wishes to everyone!  I hope you and your families have a wonderful time celebrating the holiday of thanks.  We have so much to be thankful for and it is nice to reflect on all of our blessings. 

I'm very thankful that I will be going rollerblading this afternoon after an early Thanksgiving dinner!  Then we are going to see the movie Old Dogs, which just looks hysterical!

hugs and blessings

November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!

These pictures are of two color combinations that I just adore!  I plan to paint and organize this weekend, after the sales...

November 24, 2009

Dr. Perricone Cold Plasma Giveaway!

At  Ms. Townhouse Lady's blog!

I've been wanting to try this stuff ($150!), so her contest caught my eye.  Have a look at her blog while you are entering, it's adorable.

Philantrophy - Samaritan's Purse

For some reason, everything happens in the fall. So many things to do, whew, maybe that's why my anal personality loves fall, I can organize to my heart's content. I do get some strange looks from Edgar, and a snort here and there, but he just observes until I ask him to carry something somewhere (like 400 lb planters), for directions, or to grind something to a pulp

Each year I prepare shoe boxes for Samaritan's Purse, Operation Christmas Child, using all the boxes of shoes I've purchased throughout the year.  This year I had 11 boxes. It is so much fun to shop for all the cute little items to place in the boxes.  I was at an auction and the homeowner actually gave me a huge box of beanie babies when I told her what I was preparing. 

I had THOUGHT that I had taken pictures of my boxes, I had them in the guest room long enough, but as I look through my photos, I see that I don't have them.  grrrrrr.

This is what they end up looking like:

So if you want to do some holiday philantrophric activities, this is a fun project to do to satisfy your need to shop and help the economy in the process!

November 23, 2009

Holiday Giveaway!

Hosted by Ms. Blonde Ambition!

She is giving away a cute ornament from Pottery Barn

I'm in love with the cute little bird of peace; they are all so cute.  Visit her site to enter thru December 3!

Great Holiday Giveaway

Hosted by Ms. Blonde Ambition!

She is giving away a cute ornament from Pottery Barn

I'm in love with the cute little bird of peace; they are all so cute.  Visit her site to enter thru December 3!

Trip to Los Angeles

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  There are 39-days (including today!) left in the year, lets make the most of them!
I visited the hair salon on Friday and had my color done a shade lighter this time and a trim, I can't wait for it to grow.  I went to the Paul Mitchell school again, in San Diego proper.  I adore my colorist/stylist Vanessa.  She is only 19 and is so incredibly professional and sweet.  She is efficient and personable, and sadly (for me) only has a month and 1/2 before she graduates.  She is likely moving to Los Angeles, so if I want to follow her, I will have quite a drive.

Speaking of Los Angeles, I had to take a business trip up there on Saturday, with is why my weekend was so buzy.  I did manage to squeeze in a trip to the Bliss Spa for a manicure and pedicure with the most lovely holiday red,  ****sigh***.  It was a wonderful 2-hour excape from the world. 

I also went to Mood fabric, which is nothing like the website.  There were no sales, I only found one fabric that I liked, a Carolina Herrerra for $40.00 per yard; however, it was not right for my Master Bath window treatments, which is why I stopped there.  I think I'll stick to their website.  The NYC store is supposed to be incredible, but I was really disappointed with the Los Angeles store.

On the way back home we drove through Hollywood (I wanted to stop at the Sephora mega-store, but there just wasn't time), and stopped in Melrose at one of my favorite little boutiques, Paper Moon.  I found the cutest grey infinity scarf for $12.00 (the designers are just starting out, so the prices are incredible) and adorable little dress with a bubble skirt for evening or New Years.  I love the displays in this little shop.  I wore it to work to day with my new J.Crew top and it is so light that is hangs perfectly.

From the Auction - Garden Planters

I can't beleive a week has gone by. I've actually accomplished alot and will have pictures this week. I went for a run last night and when I returned home at 5:30(!!) it was so dark that I couldn't photograph the adorable chair set on the patio and the lighting wasn't good enough to photograph the Master bath **LIGHTS** which are now installed! I'm so excited. Of course when I left this morning at 5:45am, it was STILL DARK!!

There are about 8 different English herbs and plants, including the adorable topiary, in the planter.

This adorable 400-pound planter is another find from the auction. It is seriously 400+ pounds. It took Edgar and 2 guys to load it in to the poor Lexus(RX300s were never meant for this...) and Ed almost mashed himself in the face taking it out BY HIMSELF!! (I tried to hold the dolly but that didnt' go so well.) It is really English-esque and so sweet with the little topiary. It was supposed to sit on the courtyard wall in my efforts to make it private (any ideas on how to achieve this??) but it was too heavy and there were concerns the wall would be compromised, particularly during an earthquake.   Cost of this piece, $150.00 !! I said the prices were incredible!

The planter is residing by a wall in the front of the house.  Sadly it is far too heavy to be placed on the small courtyard wall.

Close up of the little bird in the planter.  It is also very old and heavy.  This little thing must weigh about 40 pounds.

Close up of the stone planter.  It is so well designed and HEAVY!

November 18, 2009

Headbands and Bows

I am in absolute adoration with these headbands from Old Soul New Heart

I've placed one in my shopping bag and my little finger is just ready to click!  I'm only hesitating on the color...what do you think?

There are so many cute items at this site, if you haven't stopped by, I would highly recommend it!

November 17, 2009

Nanette Lapore Purfume....***sigh***

I've received the new Nanette Lapore fragrance and I just looove it!  I've been wanted this scent after seeing the advertisements in the fall magazines.  It is so feminine and sweet, but not 'little girl' sticky sweet; this is definately more for a sophsisticated lady.  So for this reason I wanted to share with my lovely, sophisticated readers.  I wish I could buy everyone a little bottle for Christmas, but I think my mortage company would not be so supportive when I asked for a month off... you know how unreasonable banks can be, ***sigh***.

So the next best thing I can offer where you can get a great 'trial' size for yourself at for only $18.00!  In the future, although I think this is already available in some locations, we will be able to share scents on the computer...can you believe it?  We could have a Vanilla or Lavendar scented blog!  Or chocolate, or even a fabulous fragrance.

November 16, 2009

Inspiration Binders and a New Attitude on Shopping...

If there is one thing I am good at, its shopping! I can do it at lunch time and online. It perks up my spirits. It honestly makes me happy! If I'm sad I shop and feel better. I never have buyers remorse! Even buying toothpaste is a thrill. Now that you perhaps think I should shop for a good 'shrink', I make these statements to preface the rest of this post, I'm actually like of looking at this as a challenge.

I can't believe the number of unfinished projects in my home and the amount of supplies I have. Some of this is just due to my hectic schedule and how much I'm able to complete in a week. However, blogging has basically turned my whole thought process around.

For the last two months I have been determined to use the supplies I have and complete projects that I've started. I have an incredibly demanding work schedule, so that hasn't happened just yet, but I'm nearing completion on some of the projects.

Also what I admire about bloggers is how they can make something so incredible from nothing, something that looks better than what I would have bought in the past.

My goal is to be more cognizant of what I'm actually buying and thereby, spending. While at Michaels, I was able to put my new mindset into practice.

My bill was rang at $91 for MORE scrapbook supplies (I have an entire amoire of scrapbook supplies). I set everything aside and pulled out my notebook to determine what I was actually purchasing.

The project is to create binders for all of my interests that I want to catalog and to keep reference pictures (ie: magazine pages and pictures) for project and notes about. I already have fashion and home binders and inspiration boards, so I’m adding:
a crafts/DIY binder,
a reading/writing inspirations binder;
separating hair and makeup from fashion;
revising my Home Maintenance binder;
revising my unworkable recipe binders into one usable binder;
a separate gardening binder (had been a part of home design).

I’m just using white binders with inserts with pockets for dividers, so I wanted to decorate the outside of each with beautiful scrap book paper so that they look lovely sitting on the bookcase I am painting. (this mysterious thing that I keep eluding to…I’m having the worst time with it. It is my first makeover piece, the first item I have ever painted other than a chair or walls. I’m trying to stencil it, oh it is just not working out ….and I’m stuck!)

But I digress… I walked out to the car to review my notebook to determine what I REALLY needed to purchase. Seems I was buying paper, embellishments for about 20 extra binders (like I said, if there is one thing I am good at….) so, I pulled out only what I needed for the binders, with 1 extra, and had a final bill of $29. Big difference! I would have used the supplies for something, but I have so much stuff already, its not the best use of funds...(there are holiday clothes to purchase...;-)

I’ll post pictures of these lovely binders once they are complete!

An Education in Style

Starved for European culture on this fabulous fall Sunday, we went to see the move An Education, with Carey Mulligan playing the female lead.
Oh my gosh, her clothes! She looked like a very young Audrey Hepburn! I just couldn’t see enough of these fabulous, classic, lady-like outfits and hair styles that she wore!
It was just lovely, even though the content was one of  a cold, hard warning to women of all ages.

If you love English movies and the beautiful country side (oh how I want an early retirement there…) this is a must see. Of course the “accents” were just lovely as well.

The time is London, 1961, and 16-year-old Jenny (Carey Mulligan) is a suburban London teen who finds herself swept off her feet by a much older man, with a dark secret ( I won’t give that away, I actually didn’t see it coming, I was more focused on here education and whether she would be “allowed” to attend university and be a wife, God forbid.

Bored to death by her familiar adolescent routine, Jenny jumps at her opportunity to accompany her newfound beau to classical concerts, art auctions, crowded pubs, and dinners that stretch into the small hours of the night. Jenny is at the top of her class and is expect to attend Oxford. Costars are Emma Thompson and Sally Hawkins.

Has anyone else seen An Education?

November 14, 2009

New Blog Find! And She's having a Giveaway!

A day late, but better late than never...or at least that's becoming my mantra lately!  I can't wait for my Thanksgiving vacation! **Sigh***

Clicking around in the blogsphere, I've discovered a wonderful blog called Bobbypins Boardwalk.  I've even had the opportunity to chat on email with with Ms. Jan, who is a doll and lots of fun.  Take a look at her post on the elusive Hedge Apple!  They are gorgeous!  I had never heard of them and would love some to display in a lovely glass bowl on my coffee table!

Jan's post on her library shelves is when I found her blog.  I saw the post title on another blog and had to click.  I'm trying to figure out what to do about shelving in my loft, although that may have been remedied at the auction.  However, I will still be able to use her techniques to create molding and the painting. 

Visit Jan and this post and see how she completed this incredible project:

Lastly, Jan is  having a giveaway

Its a signed copy!
Another reason to visit, I entered yesterday!  Good luck!

November 13, 2009

Auction Finds Series: The Sofa!

Visit my fashion blog to read about a fabulous auction that I went to on Sunday!  I'm going to post some pictures of the wonderful finds I purchased, in a series, because I've been too buzy to take pictures of everything this week.  Actually the problem is, for the garden pieces, when I leave for work it is dark and when I return home from work it is dark, so.....

This was a private auction for an English Landscaper/Designer who passed away at only 53-years of age, one year ago in October.  Her home reflected her love of design and her garden was just breath-taking.  I can only say it is what my garden aspires to be.  I've already been fined for using too much water and I have removed much of the grass, so I can only imagine what her water bills are (if you live in a climate where you actually have rain, oh how I envy you!!!)  Such an incredible home, I felt so comfortable there that we were there afternoon.

I haven't forgotten that is is Friday, and the plan was to introduce a blog, but because of this week's work commitments, I will post it over the weekend.

The auction had actually started Saturday, and there were many items already taken and many with sold signs.  The prices were amazing; items were priced so far below what they were worth that people were actually having piles of finds placed by the exit.

When I saw this lovely little sofa sitting in the master bedroom, I immediately rushed over to one of the attendees for a final price.  When I was told that it had been $250, but since it was getting late, only $100.00, I asked for a sold sign!  This is a feather down sofa that had been purchased during the last year of this lovely lady's life.  It is very substantial and firm, however, not at all squishy.  I even asked Edgar to sit down on it and he said it was firm (and he's a big guy!).  I felt really happy about it because at least 6 other ladies whistfully said to me 'oh, you got the white sofa!'  yay!  why it was still there, I do not know, but

Creamy-white color, it can be styled with any color palate.  It is now in my master bedroom and is adorably beautiful.

I'll include a 'styled picture' in the series of auction items!

What I wore to an Auction

I am so behind on posting.  Never in my career have I had a new fiscal year like this.  I am drowning in policy and reports!! I had cancel my two days off this week which was going to allow me to do all sorts of projects at home.  I did have Veteran's Day off, which was spent moving furniture and rearranging rooms, but having 5-days away from the office would have allowed for some things to be completed once and for all!  Oh well, I'll try again another week!  

Since this post was almost completed, I'll write "Friday New Blog Finds" over the weekend!

Last Sunday we went to a private home auction for a designer/landscape artist originally from England.  You can just imagine what her home looked like, it was just gorgeous.  She had put herself into every aspect of it.  Her garden was incredible, it is what my garden is aspiring to be.  I snuck a few pictures, but photos were not encouraged because this was a private residence. So the few I was able to take I'll share on my home blog.

I'll take pictures of all the goodies, poor Lexus: two trips, and a rental truck on Monday (for Edgar's office filing cabinet, which is really a wall unit I suppose).  I have to say that I bought about 16 design books for about $15!  Amazing!  Some of them contain her notes, but are still in immaculate condition.  Sadly, the auction began on Saturday and all of the artwork, handbags and most of the jewelrey peices were already purchased and gone. And, to my dismay, this lovely lady are on opposite ends of clothing sizes, so nothing was going to work for me (and she had an entire room converted into a closet {I showed Edgar, he just growled; I'm thinking if I want this I will have to do it myself!}haha  So many lovely evening dresses and business attire.  There was one Coach bag left, but it was too small for my daily needs and I have several small bags that sadly are not used too often.

This outfit just felt like fall on this nice crisp, yet warm, day. 
Nordstom ribbed tights
Boots also from Nordstrom
J Crew Bracelet
DKNY Skirt ruffle skirt that I never knew what to wear with it, but looked like it was made for this top.
Top is from a little boutique in the area that I found while at Indian Market; it is plaid and has ruffles.  This was the first time I have worn it; I love the silky fabric.  It fits perfectly (I was concerned about howas going to fit and hadn't even tried it on...I don't know what's wrong with me!)

This flower belt cam with an Erin Featherson top that I ordered during Fashion Week.  It just happened to work with this outfit as well (love bow -like flowers!)

Another belt shot, but the plaid is more visable in this one.

November 07, 2009

Will You Try to Get H&M Jimmy Choos?

I had really been excited for November 14th! One more week!  Why, you might be asking?

"JIMMY CHOO BRINGS GLAMOUR to H&M in the  Fall !!!  British accessory brand Jimmy Choo will bring its shoes and bags to selected H&M stores. The collection will be available from November 14 in around 200 stores across the world. It is the first time that H&M is collaborating with an accessories brand, and to celebrate Jimmy Choo will extend its design vision for this collection to women’s clothing to complement the accessories. Further exciting news is that this collaboration includes a men’s collection of shoes, bags and accessories..."

I went onto the website and it does NOT look like we will be able to shop on line...if I've misread this, PLEASE let me know! (I so hope that I'm wrong here, someone prove me wrong!) The website indicates that there will be lines, and that the store personnel will be handing out bracelets to get in.  Wow, Kind of like buying property a few years ago...

I just checked for the shoe that I'm interested in and both stores are semi-far from my home: 60 miles and about 100 respectively.  Unless I were going to leave at about 4:00am, I don't think I would have a chance to buy them.  Both cities will be crowded, no doubt (Los Angeles and South Coast Plaza).  The San Diego or Mission Viejo stores do not appear to be part of this roll-out.

Is anyone else going to try to buy a pair of Jimmy Choos next Saturday?

November 06, 2009

New Blogs Discovered Friday!

I've recently discovered a great blog called Classy and Sophisticated.

Wow, that's what I aspire to be!

In fact, it was the name that caught my eye and I clicked on it to see who Ms. Classy was. She is Nicol and has some of the best organization techniques ever. This is one organized blogger! AND she just had a new baby girl this week! The thought of that makes me exhaused!

I’m impressed that she manages to keep her home ship-shape using techniques that we can all employ. She might be impressed that I’ve gone out and bought binders for all of my interests this week because I liked how she has corralled her magazine tear-outs into binders. I have mine all over the place, but soon, they will be in binders as well! (I'll do a whole other post on that!)

Happy Friday and I hope you enjoy Nicol’s blog!

First Blog Friends Friday Introduction!

My lack of posting this week is due to none other than the fact that I have worked closed to 60 hours and I’m exhausted! The first week of the month is always crazy this week, but this was more so because I was out of the office last week and planning to take 3-days off next week. Blogging is such a wonderful way to spend my lunch time, so relaxing!

I actually was thinking about which wonderful blog to start with when I read Ms. Handbands and Handbags post.  She gave me a great idea! Vist her post about OWLS if you haven't stopped by!  I'm fortunate enough to see owls when I run through the canyons by my home at dusk; they fly so close (do they want to play?!) I could almost reach out and touch them!  Adorable!  As a child I loved the idea of an owl with glasses sitting and reading with me. I even had a stuffed animal owl complete with glasses that I loved to play with.
If you haven't visited My Owl Barn blog and you love owls, you must visit them.  They have the cutest owl inspired products that you can purchase to wear, to decorate with and to just enjoy these cute little creatures!

I have a funny owl storey that I have to share about owls, I still laugh about it.
My fiancé is Navajo and the traditional belief is that owls are 'of the dark side' (evil). When he was in college he was an advisor to a group that was establishing what should have been a fun reading program for very traditional Navajo children living on the reservation. The program was failing miserably and one of his non-Navajo colleagues came to him perplexed as to why the children just were not responding to their materials.

After a quick look at the materials being provided to the children, he couldn’t help but just laugh…a large OWL was on the cover of the booklet! He explained to his colleague that the booklet, with the PICTURE OF THE ADORABLE OWL on the front, was super scary to the little Navajo children. It was like giving a little child a picture book with the devil on the front cover. The team quickly realized their cultural faux paux and made the corrections. Once the picture was changed to an Eagle, the children couldn’t wait to read!

Happy Friday and I hope you enjoy the Owl Barn!

Visit my home blog for an organization inspired intro!

November 04, 2009

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale

Oh how I love Nordstrom!!  I have so many finds from this store.  Nordstrom, Nordstrom. com and Nordstrom Rack are my go-to places for shoes in particular because the actually have size 5s.  Not an easy size to find, but then it seems to me that many people must be wearing them. 

But in my excitement, I digress....

You can shop on-line and their quailty is suburb.  I have classic pieces from years ago that still look new.  Great makeup kits as well, be sure to check out the makeup and skincare section. Free shipping (love this) on $100 or more thru 12/20 code is HOLIDAY09. 

IF you have a Nordstrom card, you will get double reward points from today thru 11/7; just throwing that out there!

Now, I have been shopping around town and I have to get buzy taking pictures.  I found a Laundry down filled coat, a Tracy Turk dress, new boots, running shoes (finally!).  I'll share all this with you in the next few days.

Go visit a Nordstrom or!!

Winner Wednesday!!



THE WINNER IS....Lisa from

I used the Excel Random Number Generator to choose the winner.

 Big thanks to everyone who entered. 
I have plans for another giveaway very soon!

November 02, 2009

What Kind of Hostess are YOU?

Have you seen the new issue of Martha Stewart Living?  I'm just swooning over Martha's fall style.  I love her tables settings, so beautiful and elegant!  So what kind of hostess are you? Take the quiz!

Welcome Nomember and Happy 1st Birthday Lyonn

Welcome November!  Doesn't seem possible!
And sweet little Lyonn is one year old!  Little Lyonn survived his first year with me after being recued from the animal-drugging pet store in Beverly Hills (YES, they are out of business now!)

We had a “lion” theme; appropriate, don’t you agree?

My dress is from Ebay! From It was a dress that she had for about $40 because it was made ‘too small’ for another client; well that was right up my alley! It fits perfectly. Stop by her store, she has so many unique items. I wore it to church with boots and black tights and regret not taking a picture earlier. Once I had the bunnies out, they required too much attention.

I love this collar! I’m going to style it in another post with a scarf, but I’ve had it for about a month and wanted to show it off.

Of course we had to celebrate, its not every day that a bunny  turns 1 ! (do you see the tool box in the backgroud?  Getting ready to install the lights in the Master Bath!  I'm so excited!)

love this collar!  Better pictures of this dress in a future post!